1. "Everything or Nothing" Mission Walkthroughs

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-04-21

    In an addition to CBn’s EON Overview… this guild will help you find all the cool extras in James Bond: Everything or Nothing and give you tips for clearing every mission with… class.

    Bond Moments: Hidden in each stage are “Bond moments” (optional actions you can take that are exemplary of Bond’s style). When you perform a Bond moment you’ll see “007” appear briefly onscreen, and sometimes trigger a flashy mini-movie of Bond doing his thing. Finding and activating these Bond moments are the key to gaining Gold and Platinum ranking for each mission.

  2. Bronze Ranking: means you successfully completed the mission and unlocked the next mission.
  3. Gold Ranking: is awarded if you bear the target score for the mission (these are listed below after the mission title). You will receive rewards for gold rankings, including concept art, new outfits, bonus stages and more.
  4. Platinum Ranking: on any given mission you must first earn Gold Ranking and then reply that mission at “00 Agent” difficulty. Beating the target score (listed below after the mission title) will get you this rating. Earning platinum will unlock in-game cheat codes (you can’t use the cheat codes until you’ve earned them).

  5. Mission 1: Ground Zero (3rd Person)
    gold target- 75,000
    platinum challenge- take 500 damage or less

  6. Objective: Retrieve a Soviet PU239 bomb w/ 12 kilo Nuclear yield during a weapons deal.
    Use the pillar as a cover. Take out as many enemies as possible. Run for the briefcase in the center of the courtyard.

  7. Objective: Obtain a rocket launcher and destroy the hover jet.
    Head through the open door in the wall and head upstairs to the rocket launcher cache. Using the wall as cover, three direct hits will destroy the harrier jet.

  8. Objective: Escape through the wall.
    Return downstairs. [Bond moment — rappel to the ground by jumping off the balcony.] Destroy the armored cars and guard turrets on the way to the escape point through the blown out hole in the wall.
  9. Mission 2: MI6 Training (3rd Person)
    there is no ranking for this level

    Learn all the essential spy skills and go through weapons training. Being brought up to speed with hand to hand combat, rappelling, crouching, Bond sense, wall cover, marksman ship, & the q-spider will prove invaluable in the missions to come.

    Mission 3: A Long Way Down (3rd Person)
    gold target- 90,000
    platinum challenge- complete the mission in 3:30 or less

  10. Objective: Drop explosives into vent.
    Rappel down the burning building to the first landing. [Bond moment — on the left there’s a valve, turn it on to activate steam vents which incapacitate the guards.] Drop the explosives into the vent near the steam pipes.

  11. Objective: Rappel of the building and shut off the flame vents.
    Rappel down the outer walls of the exploding building. Enter a room half way down, pick up a rocket launcher [Bond moment — flip over a table to use for cover.]. Continue to rappel. On the next landing [Bond moment — active the second steam valve.]. Flip a switch to deactivate the flames. Continue to rappel.
  12. Mission 4: Train Chase (Porsche Cayenne, Chimera)
    gold target- 150,000
    platinum challenge- board the train in less than 2:15

  13. Objective: Catch up to the train.
    Choose between the ultra fast Chimera motorcycle (to the right) or the slower but studier Porsche Cayenne (to the left). Use your weapons to destroy enemy vehicles. [Bond moment — take out the helicopter before you reach the temple.]. [Bond moment — at the temple (Cayanne) jump the pillar on the left or (Chimera) power slide under the pillar on the right.]. [Bond moment — right before you catch the train look for the remains of a statue to the right and hit the jump near it.]. which also puts you on the tracks behind the train.
  14. Objective: Get underneath the train to board it.
    Quickly destroy the missile launchers and enemies, then get as close as possible to the back of the train. The ground between the tracks will slops down, allowing you to drive underneath – do this before the bridge.
  15. Mission 5: An Old Friend (3rd Person)
    gold target- 125,000
    platinum challenge- take no damage

  16. Objective: Destroy six missile launch computers.
    There are six computers in the first car, destroy them before moving on to the next car. [Bond moment — stealthily take out the guards in each car.].

  17. Objective: Defeat Jaws.
    Wait for Jaws to attack (he’ll either pull out of the of pillars and throw it at you or bull-rush you). After he’s pulled our at least one pillar, he’ll expose a stream of electricity. When his attack is finished, push Jaws toward the electricity. After three hits he’ll stagger backward, if you got him close enough to the electrical current he’ll take damage. Also id you stand so that the path of his bull-rush attack aims towards the electricity, he’ll run right into it. Two jolts of electricity will subdue Jaws.
  18. Mission 6: Sand Storm (Helicopter)
    gold target- 160,000
    platinum challenge- destroy the base in less than 0:45

  19. Objective: Rescue Dr Nadanova and catch up to the General’s helicopter.
    Chase the General’s helicopter through the winding canyons. [Bond Moment — take out the bridge with the enemy jeeps on it.]. [Bond moment — bomb the three enemy missile boats on the river.]. Use flares to avoid enemy missiles. [Bond moment — in the temple avoid the flames.].

  20. Objective: Eliminate the General.
    The platform with the General’s helicopter is protected by a shield, which is powered by three generators. Take them out with missiles, while sending out flares to avoid the missiles fired from the platform. When the shield goes down, unload your missile in the platform to destroy it.
  21. Mission 7: Serena St. Germane (Porsche Cayenne)
    gold target- 150,000
    platinum challenge- get to Diavalo’s fortress in less than 1:50

  22. Objective: Intercept patrol Jeep before it reaches the village.
    The tight winding roar makes hitting the Jeep with your missiles difficult, but there are a couple of places along the route where you can line up a hit. A few missile hits and then Jeep is out of commission.

  23. Objective: Locate and enter 003’s hideout. Then avoid enemy patrols.
    Use the map to find the location of 003’s hideout. A ramp will appear, allowing your across to the building.

  24. Objective: Get to the Hotel Americano.
    Open up the full-screen map to find the safe route into the village. There’s a roadblock keeping your from reaching the area of the city where the hotel is. Find the fireworks shop and park/hide across the street. Deploy the remote control car and drive it up the ramp on the fireworks shop. Use the RC car’s laser to open the grating on the wall to enter the shop. Fire the laser at the crate of explosives that will cause a distraction that will break-up the road block. [Bond moment — will be earned for this.]. If you are spotted by enemy patrols, use the cloaking device to lose them. Drive up the road to rendezvous with Serena at the hotel.

  25. Objective: Reach the base of the mountain fortress.
    Follow Serena’s verbal directions (or use the full screen map) to reach the fortress. [Bond moment — hit the staircase on the lest to avoid the roadblock.]. When the talk appears, veer left and drop off the road onto the pathway. Follow this to the fortress and park the car to the left of the entrance.
  26. Mission 8: Vertigo (3rd Person)
    gold target- 150,000
    platinum challenge- complete the mission in 4:00

  27. Objective: Get to the top of the cliff.
    On the first floor [Bond moment — use the sleeper dart gun or stealth takedowns on all the guards.]. Rappel up the elevator shaft at the end of the tunnel. On the second floor, make a note of the location of the working elevator (you can’t use it yet). Continue up through the mine floor using the rappel at the end of each tunnel.

  28. Objective: Destroy the signal jamming antenna.
    On the fourth floor destroy the antenna [Bond moment — target the barrels next to the jamming antenna.]. Use Bond sense to select the barrels rather then the antenna as your target. [Bond moment — find the opening in the wall and send a Q-spider though it to unlock a supply room above.].

  29. Objective: Retrieve 003’s uplink device.
    You’ll find the uplink device in a heavily guarded room at the top of the mine shaft. Use some of the heavier weaponry, AK-47.

  30. Objective: Install the uplink device on a junction box.
    Make your way back to the floor above the antenna and use the uplink device on the junction box on the wall in the control room. Along the way an enemy will kill the lights, so you’ll need to turn on your thermo vision. With the uplink device in place head back to the elevator.
  31. Mission 9: The Ruined Tower (3rd Person)
    gold target- 175,000
    platinum challenge- Fire 10 rounds or less

  32. Objective: Infiltrate the ruin.
    At the beginning [Bond moment — use the sleeper dart to take out the two guards.]. [Bond moment — use stealth moves to take down the guards outside the starting room.]. When you enter the temple ground head to the right to find a ledge and use the grappling hook [Bond moment — reach the top.]. There’s a hidden room with an armor vest and sniper rifle. Take out the guards with the rifle (note the guard with the rocket launcher hidden in the alcove). Head to the back of the grounds. There’s a mine cart lift on the wall, rappel up to the top. Follow the path through the ruins to the mine construction with a crate suspended above it. Use the sniper rifle (note the guard with the rocket launcher) and deal with the guards. Press the button on the mine shaft to drop the crate and break open the barrier leading into the tunnel. Drop into the mine shaft. Hit the button on the wall to start the mine cat rolling along the tracks. Follow the cart. Watch out for enemies! When the cart tips over at the end of the line, shoot the dynamite it was carrying to blast an opening in the wall. Run through the opening.
  33. Mission 10-A: Death of an Agent (3rd Person)
    gold target- 200,000
    platinum challenge- take 100 damage or less

  34. Objective: Reach 003 before he dies.
    Follow the tunnel into the interrogation room with 003. [Bond moment — send a Q-spider into the small opening in the wall near the start of the level and drop it onto the three guards, taking them out.].

  35. Objective: Locate the exit to the catacombs.
    After finding 003, continue along the path until you see and opening in the ground to the right. Drop into tit and activate tour thermal vision. Stay crouched and move slowly; watch out for enemies! Look for armor vests in alcoves off the main tunnel. When you reach the staircase, you’ll be back in the main mine tunnel. Hit the switch to open the exit doors. Fight your way through the tunnel. [Bond moment — destroy the fuel tank to take out multiple guards.]. Run into the tunnel exit.
  36. Mission 10-B: Leap of Faith (3rd Person)

  37. Objective: Catch Serena.
    After the cut scene, run off the cliff to chase after the falling Serena. Avoid ledges, walkways and other obstacles as you fall. Hitting some will kill you; others will just slow your descent but will likely end you mission as you’ll have lost too much time to speed up to successfully catch Serena. [Bond moment — shoot the gas tanks to take out the guards.]. [Bond moment — looks for the shortcut between a ledge and wooden walkway and fall through it.]. Catching up to Serena completes the level.
  38. Mission 11: A Show of Force (Tank, Triumph Daytona)
    gold target- 200,000
    platinum challenge- catch the plane in less than 0:45

  39. Objective: Get Serena safely to 003’s hideout.
    Serena drives the stolen tank while Bond mans the weapons. [Bond moment — use the talk’s main cannon on the Jeep guarding the fortress gate.]. Use the tanks big gun on enemy Jeeps and talks, and then switch to the machine gun for infantry and helicopter. [Bond moments — aim for gas tanks near clusters of enemies.]. When you reach the gas station, switch to the main gun and [Bond moment — target the gas pumps to take out all the enemy vehicles in the area.].

  40. Objective: Get to the extraction point.
    Hop onto the motorcycle and hit the road because you’ve for a very short window of time to catch the plane at the airfield and make the extraction. Along the route, [Bond moment — take the short cut on the right side of the road, a path into the forest.]. [Bond moment — right before the airstrip hit the ramp on the back of the parked truck to jump the fence onto the runway.]. Once on the runway catch up to the plane and ride up the ramp into it’s cargo area.
  41. Mission 12: Mardi Gras Mayhem (3rd Person, Aston Martin Vanquish, Moving Truck)
    gold target- 200,000
    platinum challenge- get to the diner in less than 0:40

  42. Objective: Rendezvous with the NSA agent and steal a transport truck.
    Follow the beacon on the map to a payphone and answer the call. Then beat the timer across town [Bond moment — hit the alleyway shortcut in the middle of town.]. to reach the truck. Park, get out of the car, open the truck bay, get back in th3e car and drive it into the truck.

  43. Objective: Infiltrate the compound and place the tracking device on the truck.
    There’s no time limit, so take it slow and avoid hitting anything. Drive the truck to the compound and park inside. Run to the nearby truck and plant the tracking device near the back wheel.

  44. Objective: Stop the henchman and get to the club.
    Open the truck bay boors to release your car and chance after the escaping limousine. [Bond Moment — exit the compound via the giant concrete pip near the gate.]. [Bond moment — stop the limo by getting in front of it and using the acid slick weapon.]. After stopping the limo, get to the club within the time limit. When leaving the compound at the beginning you can leave it using the truck (this will cause the limo to drive slower) and stop the limo by crashing into it continually.
  45. Mission 13: The Kiss Kiss Club (3rd Person)
    gold target- 255,000
    platinum challenge- use no amo

  46. Objective: Enter the Kiss Kiss Club and find Mya before her song ends.
    The front door is locked and Bond isn’t on the guest list. Look for the open second story window and rappel up into the club. [Bond moment — take a moment to give the lady in the room a massage.]. Use sleeper darts to take out the guards on the second floor without sounding the alarm. In the control room press the button on the panel to open a door on the first floor.

  47. Objective: Retrieve the security access card.
    The first floor door leads into the main room of the club and a heated firefight. From behind the bar you can head to the left to find the controls for the overhead lighting [Bond moment — use the controls to drop the light fixture on the enemies.]. Use the shotgun on the guards on the balcony [Bond moment — one of then guards will fall onto a table below.]. Take the elevator to the second floor and you’ll find the security card on a desk in the office.

  48. Objective: Rescue Mya.
    Back on the first floor, you’ll be attacked by several crowbar wielding thugs. Use your hand-to-hand combat skills (remember to counter attack) against them to take the out quickly. Find the hallway just past the stage and use the security card to open the door leading to the dressing room. In the dressing room, search the corner wall to reveal a hidden door, then follow the tunnel to the end.
  49. Mission 14: Underworld (3rd Person)
    there is no ranking for this level

    This level is simple. You’ll need to grab a skeleton key from the wall near the door in the first room then run and shoot through a series of rooms under the club.

    Mission 15: Death’s Door (3rd Person)
    gold target- 275,000
    platinum challenge – complete the mission in 3:15

  50. Objective: Retrieve the skeleton key from the tower and enter the rundown building.
    Near the start of this level watch for some enemy’s to break though a boarded-up doorway. Inside you’ll find a small opening in the wall [Bond moment — send a Q-spider through to find an armor vest.]. The door leading into the building is locked, so make your way to the tower. Use your Dragunov rifle to take out the enemy snipers [Bond moment — stop the guards from reaching the gate near the tower.]. and then rappel up to the town window to find the skeleton key. Return to the rundown building and unlock the door.

  51. Objective: Destroy the security box to open the gate and find a way to enter the crematorium.
    The inside of the building dark, use thermal vision. Find the stairs and go up to the balcony. Pick up the sniper rifle and use it to take out the enemy sniper on the far rooftop, if you haven’t already gotten rid of him. Directly across the balcony you’ll see the security box (look for the red glow or use Bond sense) [Bond moment — destroy the box using the sniper rifle.]. Leave the building and head to the newly opened gate to enter the crematorium.

  52. Objective: Defeat Jean Le Rouge.
    Before engaging La Rouge run to the conveyor controls in the middle of the room and stop Mya’s advance towards the furnace. La Rouge’s crossbow fires explosive arrows; whenever he pops out to fire at you dive to one side to avoid the damages. [Bond moment — target the gas tanks behind La Rouge to damage him.]. La Rouge may run to the controls to restart the conveyor, whenever he does this you’ll need to stop it again quickly before continuing to fight him.
  53. Mission 16: Battle in the Big Easy (Limousine, Aston Martin Vanquish)
    gold target- 250,000
    platinum challenge – Get to Diavalo’s compound in less than 0:55

  54. Objective: Allow Mya to defuse the bomb while taking her to Bond’s lair.
    Before you can head for the hideout you’ll need to race around town while Mya defused the bomb. The only weapon the limo has is the smoke screen [Bond moment — use it on the enemy vehicles.]. In a nod to the movie ‘Speed’, don’t let the limo slow down before Mya’s defused the bomb or it will explode. Use the long stretch of road leading to Diavolo‚Äôs compound for an easy drive. When Mya defuses the bomb, head to the hideout marked on the map.

  55. Objective: Destroy the compound, locate the access pint for the RC car, and use the laser on the fuel access point.
    Return to Diavolo’s compound and park. Deploy an RC car and head inside the compound via the metal tube in the side of the building. On the upper catwalk, use the laser on the stream valve to clear out the guards below. Drop to the lower catwalk and follow it to the fuel talk. [Bond moment –hit the targeted area with the laser to destroy the compound.].

  56. Objective: Deliver Mya to her apartment.
    Finally, head to Mya’s apartment ASAP. Get her home quickly enough and you’ll earn a [Bond Moment].
  57. Mission 17: Faded Splendor (3rd Person)
    gold target- 300,000
    platinum challenge- take 100 damage or less

  58. Objective: Disable the door switches.
    In the room to the right of the entrance hall [Bond moment — deploy a Q-spider into the vent shaft to find an armored vest.]. Detonate the spider near the sniper guarding the entrance hall. Use the rappel to reach the attic (look up at the ceiling). [Bond Moment — avoid detention and take out all of the enemies on the ground floor without stealth.]. Find the hold in the attic floor to drop down into another area of the mansion. You’ll enter the ballroom, a large room with a chandelier. [Bond moment — use Bond sense to target the chandelier. Shoot it to drop down onto the guards below.]. At the base of the grand staircase, you’ll find two rooms, each with a switch. Activate both switched to open a security door on the second floor. On the first landing of the staircase you can rappel back into the attic. Drop into the next area though the hole in the floor and follow it to enter Yayakov’s lair.
  59. Mission 18: The Machinery of Evil (3rd Person)
    gold target- 300,000
    platinum challenge- fire 10 rounds or less

  60. Objectives: Destroy all four processing chambers and transformer cores.
    The processing chambers are located in the four corners of the main room. Each has a control panel that will detonate the machinery there. One of the doors is jammed – take the stairs to the lower section below the main floor and find the vent shaft. Send the Q-spider through and follow the path to the processing chamber. Detonate the spider near the exposed door controls, opposite the jammed door to open the door. When all four processing chamber are destroyed, return to the main area and shoot the two transformer cores to destroy them.
  61. Mission 19: The Pontchartrain Bridge (Triumph Daytona)
    gold target- 300,000
    platinum challenge- disable Jaws’ tanker in less than 3:20

  62. Objective: Disable Jaws’ tanker.
    This stage is a straightforward race to catch Jaws in his tanker truck before he reaches the city. While in the bayou area before reaching the highway [Bond moment — jump the gate, as opposed to blasting though it.]. [Bond moment — blow up the shanty house.]. Once on the highway, keep and eye out for the construction vehicle [Bond moment — use its flatbed as a jump.]. There will be a short clip of a gas truck crashing and then [Bond moment — use the motorcycle’s power slide maneuver to go under the truck instead of around it.]. When you catch up to Jaws’ tanker, get along side it and use the flame thrower on all four tires to blow them out, the tanker will crash.
  63. Mission 20: A Simple Exchange (3rd Person)
    gold target- 325,000
    platinum challenge- complete the mission in 0:40

  64. Objective: Ensure there are no causalities, don’t raise the alarm, and disable the security lasers.
    You have to use stealth to complete the objectives. Sneak up on the guards or use the sleeper darts. Security cameras make a distinctive buzzing noise, throw EMP grenades at them and set them off when they’re close to the camera. ON the patio aria you’ll find the controls for the security lasers on the second floor. Return to the main lobby area and head upstairs.

  65. Objective: Fine the race car driver’s room.
    On the second floor, use EMP grenades to take out the cameras [Bond moment — disable all the cameras in the building.]. The driver’s room is in the back. Take the race suit from the door in the corner.
  66. Mission 21: Red Line (Rally Car)
    gold target- 350,000
    platinum challenge- complete the race in less than 4:50

  67. Objective: Place first in the race.
    The goal is to win the race. It’s not very hard; just avoid the explosive red barrels and keep the hammer down. Look for the jumps on the right side of the road just before entering the village for the first time. [Bond moment — take the shortcut just before you backtrack through the village.].
  68. Mission 22: Ambushed (3rd Person)
    gold target- 350,000
    platinum challenge- use no ammo

  69. Objective: Disable security shutters and find Serena.
    You’re back in the mansion from ‘Mission 20: A Simple Exchange’, but this time deadly force is authorized and you’ll need it. The place is swarming with heavily armed baddies. Fight your way back to the room where you found the driver’s closes. On the balcony over looking the patio use Bond senses to target the control box on the wall and destroy it to disable the shutters. Head downstairs to the patio and check the cabinet to find a hidden doorway.
  70. Mission 23: The High Road (Rally Car & Triumph Daytona)
    gold target- 300,000
    platinum challenge- get to the mine in less than 1:20

  71. Objective: Deliver Serina to the hotel and acquire the Q-bike.
    Begin on route in the race car, which has no weapons (ram into your enemies to take them out). Watch out for the roadblocks on the way [Bond moment — hit the stairs next to them to get past safely.]. Reach the hotel and pick up the Q-bike.

  72. Objective: Arrive at mine entrance.
    On the Q-bike retrace your path back through the village and onto the road leading to the mine. When you reach the mine you’ll find that the entrance has been blocked. An alternate route will be marked on your map.

  73. Objective: Find the secret access to the mine route.
    Enter the nearby building to find the secret access point, which leads to the village rooftops. On the Q-bike hit all of the ramps along the path until you reach the road leading to the mine entrance. At the end of the path, power slide under the closing door.
  74. Mission 24: Diavolo’s Plan (3rd Person)
    gold target- 375,000
    platinum challenge- complete the mission in 3:00

  75. Objective: Escape and retrieve your equipment.
    No Bond adventure is complete without 007 being captured and place into some sort of nefarious, slow acting deathtrap. So here, Bond is held in place while a drilling machine slowly advances on him. To escape, activate the EMP grenade and use it to disable the drill and free Bond from the cuffs. Bond’s equipment in on a nearby table.

  76. Objective: Destroy both exhaust gear systems.
    Find the elevator controls and take the elevator to the next level. Run across the conveyor belt, shooting the valves to the right of each crusher to disable them. The exhaust gear systems are located just past the conveyor. Look for the machinery in the walls and target both of them to destroy them.

  77. Objective: Escape the platinum mine.
    Rappel up the wall near the exhaust gear system. Find the staircase and take not of the door guarded by security lasers (you’ll return here). Head downstairs to the control on the console to deactivate the lasers and open the door upstairs. Head back to the door and find the elevator in the next area and board it.
  78. Mission 25: The Platinum War (Tank)
    gold target- 400,000
    platinum challenge- neutralize the bomb in less than 2:15

  79. Objective: Neutralize the bomb under the Kremlin
    Drive your tank through the streets toward the Kremlin, using the main cannon and Nano shells take out the obstacles in your way. [Bond moment —Target the arches above the enemy tanks in the street to destroy them.]. When you reach the Kremlin, drive into the tunnel system. Watch for the branching tunnel to the left and follow it to find the bomb. Target the platform underneath the bomb with Nano Shells to destroy it.

  80. Objective: Use Nano Shells on the underground pillars and prevent the tanks from penetrating the Kremlin wall.
    Return to the main tunnel and continue to the large open area beneath Red Square. Hit the pillars with Nano shells to weaken them. Return to the surface and enter Red Square. Use Nano Shells on the helicopter carrying the stature. The ground will collapse, burying the enemy tanks.
  81. Mission 26: Dangerous Descent (3rd Person)
    gold target- 300,000
    platinum challenge- take 100 damage or less

  82. Objective: Reactivate the lift
    Before rappelling down the lift shaft find the rocket launcher near the stack of crates. On the way down the shaft destroy the automated sentry guns in the walls. At the bottom, when the lift platform stops, find the two lift controls in the adjacent room and use them to reactivate the lift. [Bond moment — detonate a Q-Spider near a group of guards.].

  83. Objective: Shoot out the break controls
    Take out the enemy solders and use Bond sense to destroy the break control panels at the corner lift.

  84. Objective: Disable Jaws’ flamethrower
    Stay behind cover (crouch) to avoid the flamethrower’s long reach. When Jaws turns around to fiddle with the flamethrower, target the fuel tanks on his back to damage him. After a couple of hits he’ll begin firing explosive rounds (keep moving! to avoid them) After defeating Jaws run to the planes cockpit to survive the falling lift.
  85. Mission 27: Red Underground (3rd Person)
    gold target- 425,000
    platinum challenge- fire 10 rounds or less

  86. Objective: Find a way out of the shaft.
    Escape the lift shaft by using the the rappel gun to reach the opening in the wall and enter the tank hanger. Use the network tap to take control of the tank [Bond moment] on the ground level, then use it to cause as much destruction as possible before the rocket launcher guards destroy it.

  87. Objective: Locate the tank hanger exit.
    The staircase leading to the exit is in the far left of the hanger. Watch out for the rocket launcher and sniper guards in the bunkers on the far wall. Use the tanks to take them out or find the sniper rifle. There will be enemies wearing Nano suits – use cover and wait for them to fire (which disables their cloaking) then fire back at them. Activating your thermal vision will allow you too see the cloaked enemies. Find the lift and take it up to the catwalks over the hanger.

  88. Objective: Lower the bridge.
    Enter the control booth in the canter of the hanger to find the controls to lower the bridge. [Bond moment — shoot an enemy so he falls over the side of the catwalk.]. Exit the hanger by running across the bridge and using the control panel to open the bay doors.
  89. Mission 28: The Final Card (3rd Person)
    gold target- 325,000
    platinum challenge- take 100 damage or less

  90. Objective: Use the network tap on the turret.
    When the defense turrets drop down from the ceiling, get behind one (make sure you can see the red light) and hit it with a network tap to take control. Fire a missile at Diavolo’s control booth. [Bond moment — take out the other defense turret using the turret you have control over.].

  91. Objective: Disable four missile silo exhaust vents.
    The first two vent control panels are on the platform at the back of the room (you should already be near them). Go down the stairs to the lower section of the room and head right to find the third control. The last vent control is located straight across the lower section and through the doors.

  92. Objective: Clear obstruction from an override module and escape through the main entrance.
    The last exhaust vent is blocked. In the room with the control panel find the vent shaft in the wall and send a Q-Spider into it. At the end of the shaft you’ll see a wrench lodged against the mechanism. Return through the main room and exit through the doors near where Mission 28 started. You’ll run into more cloaked enemies (use thermo vision).

  93. Objective: Destroy Diavolo’s hover jet.
    Use the rocket launcher to target both sets of missiles under the hover jet’s wings. Then deploy the Nano bomb under the main fuselage. Use the crates for cover against the jet’s machine guns and keep movie to avoid it’s missiles.
  94. Mission 29: Everything or Nothing (3rd Person)
    gold target- 450,000
    platinum challenge- complete the mission in 3:00

  95. Objective: Find the launch area and defeat the rocket launcher guard.
    Fight through the tunnels and rooms until you reach the main supply area. The rocket launcher guard is standing on top of some creates as you enter the room – take him out quickly. Make your way through the warehouse which is full of enemies. Go slowly and search the area thoroughly for the multiple armored vests. Just past the warehouse you’ll find a large red door that leads to the launch area.

  96. Objective: Defeat Diavolo once and for all!!! Then reach the turret and avoid the exhaust… and to end it all, destroy the missile.
    Use your rocket launcher to destroy Diavolo’s control room. Keep moving to avoid the missiles that he fires at you. Run past the missile launch site (watch out for the flame jets!) and into the tunnel leading to the turret and take control. Use the turret to shoot down the missile before it launches!