1. EA's GoldenEye2 Design Team

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-04-14

    In late February CBn reported the announcement from EA about a new James Bond video Game “GoldenEye2”.

    Since, there have been rumors about the release of GoldenEye2 being canceled because of negative feedback from game testers. Testers who were unsatisfied with the basis of GoldenEye2 (aka: playing the part of the Bond villain). Spong‘s source claims, “When [Electronic Arts] got the focus test results, one thing was apparent. The focus testers did not like the idea of a James Bond game in which you cannot take control of Bond himself. From what they said, almost all of the younger testers found the very concept totally confusing.”

    Around that time ads were scheduled to be published in select print magazines across the world, followed by wider online distribution. However, EA has pulled all promotion for the game. Although promotion for GoldenEye2 may have been halted news of the games cancellation is uncertain.

    In fact recent reports name acclaimed video game designers Dan Orzulak (Halo, Wing Commander) and Takayoshi Sato (Silent Hill) as currently heading development on GoldenEye2.

    But will the game actually be a true GoldenEye sequel? GameSpot‘s unnamed source states that, “It shouldn’t be any surprise that GoldenEye 2 has been in development for some time, though not necessarily called GoldenEye.” And Spong‘s source says “Everyone at EA is referring to it as GoldenEye 2. I’ve heard nothing about any possible change in this plan.”

    Is GoldenEye2 indeed just a working title, or is EA actually planning on passing off a sequel (which doesn’t sound too much like a sequel) to N64 1997’s GoldenEye game? We wait for more news…