1. Charlie Higson Interviewed on Jonathan Ross BBC Radio 2

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-04-10

    Today on BBC Radio 2: Charlie Higson, author of the upcoming Young James Bond books, was interviewed on the Jonathan Ross Show. Higson talked about the new series and playfully jousted with Ross over the concept of a young 007.

    1:40 Audio Clip of the Interview: WAVE FILE [689kb]

    –Except from the interview pt 1–

    HIGSON: …I thought it would be really good to write a book that kids could read.
    ROSS: A children’s violent book?
    HIGSON: Ya and this coincided with me being approached by the in Fleming Estate saying would I be interested in working on a series of James Bond books for kids.
    ROSS: No way.
    HIGSON: Yes.
    ROSS: James Bond for kids?
    HIGSON: Yep.
    ROSS: Shame on them and shame on you!
    HIGSON: No it’s very… it’s proper… cause..
    ROSS: James Bond is for grownups!
    HIGSON: But it’s James Bond as a kid.
    ROSS: No don’t do it Charlie.
    HIGSON: I’ve done it.
    ROSS: Don’t do it.
    HIGSON: It’s a very very good book…
    ROSS: Then don’t send it in.
    HIGSON: Well it’s done.
    ROSS: I don’t want to see James Bond as a boy.
    HIGSON: Don’t read it then… [edit]

    –Except from the interview pt 2–

    ROSS: …well maybe with you writing it, actually it might work.
    HIGSON: No, it does.
    ROSS: It’s just that I have horrible with memories. Do you remember when they made that terrible film about Young Sherlock Holmes?
    HIGSON: Yep. It’s not like that. In fact they did try a long time ago and write a James Bond book for kids, but the mistake they made there was to not approach an excellent writer like myself.

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    Thanks to marktmurphy for the tip off.