1. "Now Pay Attention 007…"

    By Devin Zydel on 2004-04-07

    Written by CBn Member: (Qwerty) Devin Zydel

    The James Bond films are always fun to watch, but repeated viewings will sometimes prove to make one notice a few things that just don’t seem to go with the flow or seem out of place. Bloopers. Many of the Bond films have them; some are obvious, while others stretch the limit of credibility.

    Some famous ones include the car switching wheels in Diamonds are Forever, while others take a bit more of watching to notice them, such as the dub “James, how do we get out?” by Tracy during the car chase in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

    Dr. No

    • During the nightclub scene, the photographer has the camera around her neck when brought over to Bond’s table, yet in the next close-up, it is gone, but in the next shot, Bond pulls it off of around her neck.
    • The spider is obviously on a glass plate in several wide shots.
    • 239 Magenta Drive changes to 2171.
    • The guard’s voice seems to be the same when speaking and then not speaking on the amplifier.
    • Honey’s suit to cover her body in the radiation scene is slightly visible.
    • Where exactly does the water from the ducts end up?

    From Russia With Love

    • These lines appear to be dubbed, ”At the lake” was ‘at the pool’, and ”Take me to the lake” was ‘take me to the pool’.
    • Klebb and Morzeny walk through the same section of the training camp twice.
    • Bond never turns off the bath in his hotel room.
    • It’s easy to see Pedro Armendariz apply blood to his wound.
    • When the train stops, Kerim’s son’s handkerchief is in his right breast pocket, yet in the upcoming shots, it is in his left.
    • The truck changes in variation in many shots, notice the side mirrors.
    • After the helicopter explodes, Bond runs towards to right of the screen, it’s possible to see someone crouch and run towards the helicopter in the same scene.
    • The line ”Alright” by Tatiana appears to have been dubbed.
    • Martine Beswick is credited as Martin Beswick.


    • Oddjob’s hat goes way out of camera shot when he throws it, but he picks it up off the ground, in front of the statue.
    • Certain shots of the plane to Kentucky have ”Auric Enterprises” on it.
    • The line ”Three more ticks…”
    • In the final battle, it’s possible to see a man behind Goldfinger behind the curtains, and then a man dead on the floor of the plane, a few minutes later. However, Bond never fought this man.


    • ”As I said, later. Come on,” appears to be slightly different from what Bond’s lips say.
    • The towel around Count Lippe when Bond gets his revenge on him changes from tan to blue.
    • The door in the scene where Bond gets revenge on Lippe changes from ‘Massage’ to ‘Sitz Bath and Heat Treatment.’
    • A man is visible in the boat that Bond and Domino bring on shore, before they have lunch.
    • The line in some versions of the film, ”Unusual to see manta rays so far out” is spoken when Bond and Leiter are in the helicopter, yet it is the voice of the actor portraying Pinder.
    • The line by Q, ”Now pay attention…” appears to have been added in.
    • The wound on Bond changes throughout the chase sequence.
    • The ‘007’ symbol is visible in the chase from one group.
    • When Bond finds the Vulcan, different shots of Leiter show him changing from having shorts in one scene, to having black pants in others.
    • The egg spine changes from Domino’s right foot to her left foot.
    • When Bond swims to the hiding spot Domino told him about, he is barefoot in the water, yet he comes onto the land with shoes on.
    • When Bond gets his goggles knocked off the in finale, he puts on a pair of black ones, but the next shots show he has the blue ones on again.
    • ”We’ve still got one bomb aboard,” spoken by Largo, appears to have been added in.
    • ”Look out, the rocks!” also seems to have been added in.
    • The hat gets knocked off twice off the captain during the final fight.

    You Only Live Twice

    • The line ”Sayonara” appears to have been dubbed.
    • Bond has been in Japan before, contradicting a line he says to Henderson.
    • The Japanese orders Tanaka gives to the bath girls has been dubbed.
    • What sends the car drop filming to Aki and Bond?
    • The space launches have been reversed, with palm trees for the Soviet launch.
    • During the fight with Hans, the lamp first is on the table, then to the floor, yet is on the table again.
    • What sends filming of the rocket to the SPECTRE base?
    • Bond doesn’t always appear to have his Japanese disguise on throughout the entire finale, yet in some shots, he does.
    • The line ”Stay” or ”Steady” to Kissy appears to be a dub.

    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

    • When Bond runs onto the beach to save Tracy, there is a boat far on the water on the left side of the screen, yet, in the next shots, it is gone.
    • The tires screeching on the sand should not happen.
    • ”Now, why I tell you this,” appears to be a dub.
    • The items in Bond’s desk were never in his possession at the end of their respected films.
    • The cord to stop Bond from falling of the cliff in the Ski Chase from Piz Gloria is visible.
    • ”James, how do we get out?” is a dub.
    • ”Guns make me nervous.” is a dub.
    • Notice the door before and after the scientist throws an exploding item at it.
    • It’s possible to see Blofeld holding onto the branch in a long shot.

    Diamonds Are Forever

    • ”Marie, ask Marie” is a dub.
    • ”The whole process from start to finish operates under an airtight security system. It’s an essential precaution, even though the industry prides itself on the loyalty and devotion of it’s workers.” – That line is repeated twice in the scene.
    • You can see people watching the car chase from the sidewalk.
    • The change of wheels in the infamous car stunt.
    • Bond’s hair and clothes switch from dry and neat before the pool encounter with Bambi and Thumper to wet and messy, then clean and neat again in later scenes that follow it.
    • The line, ”Science was never my strong point” by Blofeld does not make sense, considering what he did in OHMSS. However, it seemed Mankiewicz liked this line, as he also used it for Scaramanga in TMWTGG: ”They tell me the energy is stored somewhere… in here… science was never my strong point.”

    Live and Let Die

    • The ‘007’ motif is visible on the cards.

    The Man with the Golden Gun

    • A crew member is visible in one of the mirrors in Saida’s room during the fight.
    • A crew member is visible in a mirror in Andrea’s bathroom in the hotel.
    • More of a bit of trivia to notice, is the 5 note LALD theme played when Pepper catches glimpse of Bond.
    • There seems to be no wine in the bottles that break against the suitcase held up by Bond.
    • How does M get the phone number on Scaramanga’s junk?

    The Spy Who Loved Me

    • The banned ‘Laura’s Theme’ plays on Triple X’s music box.
    • There is no splash when the helicopter falls into the sea. It appears to crush on top of it.


    • The parachute straps are sometimes visible during the pre-credits.
    • Corrinne’s footwear changes during the scene of her death.
    • A sliding case of knives comes up when the coffin opens, yet when Bond throws a knife back and the lid is about to fall down, the sliding case of them is already down in the coffin again.
    • The line ”…with my pet python” from Drax appears to overlap a line his lips are saying.
    • In one scene during the zero gravity scene, a black cord holding Bond is visible.
    • Bond somehow acquires his wrist gun for the end of the film.

    For Your Eyes Only

    • There are already holes in the umbrella that gets shot at in the escaper sequence.
    • The time changes rather rapidly during the raid on the warehouse and Bond’s killing of Locque.


    • A pole holding up the Acrostar inside the hangar is slightly visible.
    • The word ‘Cincinnati’ is spelled wrong on the tourist boat.
    • A cast from an injury is visible on one of the thugs that battles against Bond and Octopussy.
    • The line spoken by Magda, ”Back to India”, is dubbed over something else her lips are saying.

    Never Say Never Again

    • During Bond’s meeting of Fatima, she first has one ski, and then two when she slides up to where he is standing.

    A View to a Kill

    • Bond first is wearing gloves when searching for 003, he then does not have them when he gets the microchip, but in the following chase sequences, he is wearing them.
    • The windows change from being rolled up and down during the scene that has the car being pushed into the water.
    • It is possible to see the cable pulling the car into the water that contains Bond and Tibbett.
    • No ashes are seen when Stacey breaks her grandfather’s vase.
    • The boat seems to go under or back up in it’s position under the bridge during thr final fight.

    The Living Daylights

    • One tire is shot out during the ice chase, but when the Aston Martin is launched in mid air, all four are on the car again.
    • The plane at the end of the film, switches from having two to four propeller engines.

    Licence to Kill

    • It is possible to see a cord going from Bond’s sleeve to the lighter he receives from Felix and Della.


    • The scientist that 006 shoots in the pre-credits can still be seen standing after he is shot in the reflection of the glass.
    • The eye as to which Bond holds the binocular view of Xenia and her boat up to changes.
    • The sound of 4 keys being hit is heard when Natayla types in the word, ‘knockers’.
    • In one shot, when Bond is falling down the Satellite in the end of the film, (Natayla and Bond both fall down the now uncovered dish), you can see a small black sliding cushion that Brosnan sits on as he slides towards the center.

    Tomorrow Never Dies

    • Carver gives orders to Gupta to play the dialogue between Paris and Bond. (”Tell me James, do you still sleep with a gun under your pillow?”) He plays it once and then Carver orders him to play it again, which also happens. However, no word is said to play it a third time, but you do hear the dialogue for a third time.
    • The line ”…and his toys”, which is Carver talking about Stamper’s torture implements, seems to be added in, as it looks like his lips do not move when that line is spoken.

    The World is not Enough

    • During the boat chase, Julietta the Cigar girl, early on, slides the boat towards the screen and smashes part of a small unit on the water, and glass flies everywhere. In the very next shot, you can see the Q boat and her boat in a long shot, on the far left, you can see part of the camera crew, with a camera extended over the water to catch the scenes.
    • When the Cigar girls sunseeker is heading for the balloon, you can see the dent in the outer fencing before she rams into it.
    • When Bond says “Free? Nothing comes free from you, Zukovsky.” The “Zukovsky” is clearly dubbed.

    Die Another Day

    • At the end of the pre-credits General Moon reached Bond so quickly, he should have had to go through the mine field also. And he did not have a hovercraft to do so.

    Disclaimer: This list is by no means the list that includes them all, I have checked these, and I only listed ones that I believed were common bloopers that don’t stretch credibility too far. There are undoubtedly more bloopers for sure, but I believe this is a good list for some of the ones for each film.