1. JBIFC Celebrates 25th Anniversary Today

    By johncox on 2004-04-01

    25 Years of 'OO7' Magazine

    The James Bond International Fan Club is today celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The JBFIC was launched on April 1st, 1979 with ‘OO7’ Magazine #1, which at that time was simply a single sheet of photocopied paper. Today ‘OO7’ has grown into a high quality 46 page full color magazine, and the club membership extends worldwide. Chairman David Black announced this milestone via the club’s email newsletter this morning:

    Dear Bond Fans,

    Today is our 25th birthday – that’s right, JBIFC was born on 1st April 1979. We haven’t been around as long as Mr Bond, whose life on screen began over 40 years ago in 1962 but we’ve still been celebrating and discussing his outings for a quarter of a century.

    I believe the James Bond films will continue to be shown and new ones produced for a long time to come and we intend to be here to celebrate the world’s number one film franchise.

    Since I last spoke the air has been rife with rumours, claims and counter-claims. Pierce – One minute he’s too old and not making a fifth film, the next he is making it….

    Well, what’s the truth.. Radio listeners amongst you may have had the pleasure of hearing my views on the subject! The recent press has resulted in a lot of requests to the JBIFC for interviews about the future of Bond, and so I’ve been doing the rounds with the BBC and radio stations up and down the UK.

    I’m led to believe that Eon see Pierce as ‘their preferred actor for the part’ and that negotiations are still taking place.

    Pierce will probably make the next film and then James Bond will once again undergo a facelift.
    I think Pierce has done an excellent job with his portrayal of 007 and hope his successor will be able to live up to the high standards that have been set.

    James Bond will return – You can be sure of that!

    All the best,

    David Black
    The James Bond International Fan Club

    For details on how to become a member of the JBIFC, visit their website.

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