1. MI6 Agents To Carry '007' Style Briefcases

    By David Winter on 2001-04-08

    This report comes from Ananova. I (David Winter) find it interesting; what will the bloody things weigh if they withstand a semtex bomb! What will the things be made of?

    Britain’s spies and defence staff are to get James Bond-style briefcases following a spate of laptop computer thefts.

    The bombproof cases, costing £1,000 each, are to be issued to 15,000 staff after 204 computers were stolen, left on trains or lost during drinking sessions in four years. Many contained secret files.

    The special cases can withstand a Semtex bomb and destroy data if a thief tries to open them. The final bill for them could be around £35 million if the foreign office and spy agencies take them up too.

    The cases look like ordinary ones but have false locks on the front. Those issued to spies might also have tracking devices fitted to them, reports the Sunday Times.