1. Everything or Nothing Overview

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-02-28


    The recent theft of Oxford University’s highly classified prototype nano-robot project and the disappearance of its overseer, Dr Katya Nadanova has casued in the global intelligence community. This nanobot project was a humanitarian effort intended to facilitate that remote inspection and repair of hazardous nuclear containment facilities. However in the wrong hands, this technology could be used for entirely more sinister purposes.

    This is where you come in, Bond. We’ve already identified the rogue political faction responsible for the theft and tracked them to a secret facility in Egypt’s Sahara Desert. Your mission, 007, is to destroy both the hardware and the facility. The fate of the world may very well rest once again on your success.


    Pierce Brosnan as… Bond, James Bond
    The world’s greatest agent, James Bond is an excellent marksman, exceptional driver, and a consummate gentleman. 007 can be your greatest ally or your most dangerous foe.

    Willem Dafoe as… Nikolai Diavolo
    Diavolo is more that merely a former KGB officer disillusioned by the Westernization of this homeland. The prodigy of 007’s nemesis Max Zorin, Diavolo was groomed to carry Zorin’s plans to their natural conclusion – namely world domination.

    Shannon Elizabeth as… Serena St. Germaine
    This American geologist possesses both brains and beauty. Her knowledge of the villages of South America proves to be an asset to 007, and her expert ability as a helicopter pilot may come in handy at the opportune time.

    Heidi Klum as… Dr. Katya Nadanova
    A brilliant scientist, Nadanove has exceptional credentials for the overseer of Oxford University’s top secret nanotech project. Her intelligence is only matched by her beauty. After she is kidnapped Bond is assigned to resque her and the stolen nanotech she helped create, but Dr Nadanova may have some surprises in store for 007…

    Mya as… Agent Mya Starling
    An NSA agent operating undercover as a nightclub chanteuse, Starling’s home base is in Louisiana and her mission is to investigate Diavolo’s activities in New Orleans. Her impeccable intel, not to mention her many other talents, are of great use to 007.

    Richard Kiel as… Jaws
    The long standing rivalry continues between Bond and his nemesis, Jaws. A formidable hitman, Jaws is eager to cross paths with 007 once again and finally defeat his arch enemy.

    John Cleese as… Q
    The MI6 quartermaster, Q is in charge of creating and distributing all the weapons, vehicles, and gadgets assigned to 00 agents. A skilled inventor of covert equipment, Q is often irritated with 007’s lack of respect for his creations.

    Judi Dench as… M
    As the head of MI6, M is responsible for all operations and agents. As Bond’s boss, she is a consummate taskmaster who often dispenses crucial information and advice.

    Misaki Ito as… Ms. Nagai
    Ms. Nagai’s skills with weaponry and technology make her highly qualified in her roles as Q’s assistant in the Q-lab. Her expert knowledge of nanotechnology will be indispensable on this mission.


    James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing opens with a mission deep within the Sahara Desert. After sabotaging a secret facility, Bond used his daring to board a train careening though the archeological wonders of the expansive Egyptian desert.

    In the town of Puerto Viejo, and American geologist’s research on platinum reserves becomes a vital clue for Bond. After joining forces with 007, the two infiltrates a luxurious private estate on the outskirts of the Peruvian village.

    New Orleans
    In partnership with Mya Starling, an NSA operative, Bond gets to the bottom of his mission’s Louisiana connection. While there, he pays a visit to a sultry nightclub and an antiquated Creole plantation.

    In the Russian capital of Moscow, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing comes to it’s dramatic finale. Bond must act quickly to prevent Diavolo from turning Moscow’s Red Square into the testing grounds for his new world order.


    Saving the world requites a thorough understanding of everything that’s happening around you. Pay attention, 007.

    Basic Moves: A stealthy entrance, a quick attack, and accurate aim are hallmarks of a 00 agent.
    Targeting: Defeat an enemy with a well-placed shot.
    auto-aim / manual aim [TIP – fire in short bursts for better accuracy]

    The Platinum Gun
    A golden P99. A platinum P99, with rounds that explode as a rocket launcher blast. Like the golden gun, it is 100% accurate and uses normal P99 ammo.

    The Golden Gun
    A golden P99. The gun is 100% accurate, and does 2x the damage of the P99. It shoots normal P99 ammo.

    This rocket launcher device is a bit unwieldy but very potent. It has the capability of penetrating armor, so it’s most useful against larger targets such as jets and armored vehicles.

    This single-shot sniper rifle is equipped with a crosshair scope with zooming capability. When using the Dragunov at long range, there will be a short delay from when the shot is taken to impact. Keep that time gap in mind when aiming.

    Franchi Spas 12
    The Franchi Spas 12 shotgun is designed for military combat use. It has a pistol grip and heat shield, carries 8 shells in the receiver, and is devastating in close quarters.

    This machine gun is a favorite of paramilitary groups because of its raw power, ruggedness, and easy maintenance. It’s loud but effective, although slightly less potent than the SIG 552.

    The MP5K is one of the smaller submachineguns available. It can carry 15- and 30-round clips of 9mm ammo, and although not good for long-range shooting, is effective at short range.

    SIG 551
    Designed for use by the Swiss Army, the SIG 551 has become a general purpose assault rifle used by mercenaries world-wide.

    Desert Eagle .44 Auto
    The DE 44 carries eight .44 magnum rounds and kicks like a horse. To large to conceal, the .44 is not standard issue, but agents who pick one up in a firefight are often glad they did.

    Walther P99
    MI6 standard-issue for agents in the field, the P99 carries 16 9mm rounds. Although less slender than the Walther PPK, its extra capacity and safety features rightly make up for it.

    Hand-To-hand Combat

    Sometimes the best weapon for the job is your own hands.
    [TIP 1 – to subdue an enemy in stealth, sneak up on his and use and hand attack from behind.]
    [TIP 2 – when you successfully subdue three enemies by hand within a certain period of time you enter Power Mode. In Power Mode you inflict more damage on your enemies and take less damage inflicted by enemies]]

    Stealth Moves

    Sometimes a stealthy entrance is preferable over a fire fight.

    Crouch: Crouching behind crates, furniture, or other items in your environment is an excellent way to remain undetected. [TIP – you can shoot over cover while crouching]

    Wall Hug: To avoid detection, sometimes it’s best to closely strafe a wall instead of waling out in the open. [TIP – peering around corners is an excellent way of determining if there are enemies in the vicinity while still remaining undetected]

    Bond Sense

    Use Bond Sense to take a quick reading of your surroundings and obtain useful information about objects in the world around you. The action around you slows and your inventory list appears.


    Q has customized quite and assortment of weapons, gadgets and vehicles to ensure you’re success in your mission,. Get to know them well.

    This wall climbing gadget comes in handy when a swift exit is required.

    Q SpiderQ Spider
    The Q Spider is not only an excellent remote reconnaissance gadget; it also handily doubles as a deadly weapon. [TIP – be mindful of how you control the Q Spider. It is only silent when moving slowly]

    Nano Suit
    Remaining undetected during covert operations is essential. Use this Nano Suit to become invisible. But be careful, if you move too quickly, the effect is broken.

    Network Tap
    Shoot a special dart at a Network Tap–capable device (such as a tank or enemy cannon) to take control of that weapon.

    Sleeper Dart
    One shot from this standard-issue MI6 sleeper dart gun puts and enemy to sleep for hours. Pleasant dreams.

    Coin Grenades
    There seemingly normal-looking coins carry a dangerous payload. Choose between three types.

    Explosive: Damages enemies caught In the explosion
    Strobe: Created a blinding flash that stuns enemies for a time.
    EMP: Disables electronic equipment in the blast area.

    These contact lenses allow you to see the heat signatures of enemies, even in the dark.

    RC Car (Driving Missions Only)
    The RC Car is perfect for getting into places where going though the front door is not an option. [TIP – keep your eye on the battery meter. The vehicle self=destructs when it runs out of power.]


    These vehicles won’t drive themselves, 007. Use your impeccable skills behind the wheel and quick thinking to stay on top of the action. Thanks to Q, Bond’s vehicles are always tip-notch and ready for the extraordinary. Do try to bring it back in one piece, 007.

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    Advanced Maneuvers

    Strafing (Helicopter Only): Strafing allows you to avoid income missiles whole still engaging your target.
    Action Slide (Motorcycles Only): The action slide enables the motorcycle to bypass low-hanging obstacles.


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