1. Sideshow Unveil Special New Figure

    By The CBn Team on 2004-02-17

    Sideshow Collectibles have unveiled a new 1/4 scale figure of Sean Connery, sculpted by veteran Mat Falls (creator of some of Sideshow’s standard line of Bond figures.)

    This new semi-articulated figure boasts stunningly realistic Connery likeness, polystone head and hands, a film accurate tailored costume, and a James Bond gunbarrel base! Retailing at their site for a cool $225, and shipping in the later half of this year (August/September)

    Those who are still collecting their superb current and exhaustive line of Bond figures fear not! This special collectible doesn’t make yours obsolete, and the release of the new Goldeneye & Thunderball figures proves the range is steaming ahead in 2004.

    Since Sideshow Collectibles obtained the licence to make these figures in late 2002, the range boasts 22 individual pieces each with stunning likeness and attention-to-detail that will make them surefire collectibles in the future and this limited edition Connery figurine is bound to rouse excitement in the hearts of collectors and Bond fans alike.

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