1. Brian Smith: Edinburgh's 007 Celebration Coordinator Has More 007 Instore

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-02-12

    Bond And Beyond presents…
    a special 40th anniversary screening of the classic Bond movie
    with special guest Shirley Eaton

    Dominion Cinema, Edinburgh
    Thursday, 25 March, 2004

    Ticket hotline (UK): 0131 447 4771

    Gold lounge seats: £6.90
    Superior lounge seats: £6.00
    Lounge seats: £5.50

    • Live on-stage interview with Shirley Eaton
    • Screening of the Bond classic ‘Goldfinger’
    • Autograph & book signing session

    A screening of Goldfinger will take place on March 25 at the Dominion Cinema and has been organized by leading James Bond expert Brian Smith of Port Seton, East Lothian.

    Shirley Eaton, now 67, who gained worldwide fame by lying naked on a bed covered in gold paint, will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Goldfinger in the home city of its star, Sean Connery. Eaton played the character of Jill Masterson who was killed by bowler-hatted henchman Odd Job using a suffocating layer of glistening gold paint. Before a special showing Goldfinger, Eaton will be interviewed live on stage at the Dominion Cinema by Brian Smith.

    “Shirley was a very big name in British cinema before Goldfinger, which gave her international status. She even appeared on the cover of Life magazine. But she more or less retired in 1968 to devote herself to her husband and children.” -Brian Smith

    In December last year, Bond fans had the chance to meet actor Richard Kiel, who played steel-toothed giant Jaws, when he appeared at the Filmhouse before a showing of The Spy Who Loved Me.

    “We had Richard Kiel over for a sell-out appearance and I know a lot of people were disappointed they didn’t get to see him. The Filmhouse can only hold 280 people, but the Dominion can take 430. I hope this one will be sold out too.” -Brian Smith

    Mr Smith is currently in talks to persuade American actress Tanya Roberts, now 48, to fly over to attend a similar special screening of “A View To A Kill”. Roberts played Bond’s love interest, Stacy Sutton, in AVTAK. In the film her seismologist character helped Bond foil a plot by the villainous Max Zorin to destroy California’s Silicon Valley.

    A Bit about Brian Smith:
    He runs the Edinburgh-based “Bond And Beyond”, the world’s largest 007 online shop as well as publishing Bond Magazine. (picture: Brian Smith and the director of Goldfinger, Guy Hamilton)

    Despite his devotion to all things 007, Mr Smith, 34, does not have a favorite Bond: “I know 99 per cent of people from Edinburgh would say it was Sean Connery but I like different films from each actor. For Your Eyes Only was the first one I saw at the cinema when I was 11 and it blew me away. My interest really stemmed from there. I’ve been to every Bond premiere down in London since The Living Daylights in 1987.”

    His wife Fiona, 27, does not complain that an entire room in their home is taken up by his Bond collection: “My wife’s very supportive, although she’s not a fan herself, but she likes going to the premieres, especially when she meets Pierce Brosnan. I suppose that’s the advantage of being married to a big James Bond fan!”