1. "Evil Hours" To Be Republished

    By David Winter on 2004-02-04

    Originally written in 1998, the book was commissioned in 2000 by Publishing Online Inc. to be an online serial novel for their website. It was then subsequently published as an e-book and print-on-demand book. When Publishing Online went out of business, Raymond retained the rights. There are still a few copies left of the original print-on-demand Publishing Online edition… Raymond has reduced the price of these, so if you’d like one, order it from his website now!

    The publishers of his latest suspense novel, “FACE BLIND,” recently decided to publish “EVIL HOURS” officially. The book is essentially the same, but Raymond felt that since he had written it earlier in his novel-writing career, the text could use some tweaking. The new improved “EVIL HOURS” will be available in March 2004. Watch this space for further details on how to order the new edition.