1. XBOX Magazine Includes EoN Demo

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-01-25

    In February’s issue of XBOX Magazine they have included on their monthly “demo disk” a demo of not one, not two… but three levels of EA’s James Bond: Everything or Nothing!

    What more could you possibly want in a video game than big guns, huge explosions, and hot Bond girls? How about vehicles? It seems EA has been thinking right along those tracks.

    Both Agent Under Fire and especially Nightfire were solid first-person shooters, but for this adventure we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of Mr. Brosnan – quite literally – as the perspective has been changed to a third person view and Brosnan is lending his voice to the project this time. And to cap it all off, EA is pulling out all the stops by including one of the most infamous Bond villains of then all, Jaws, and he will be voiced by none other that Richard Kiel.

    There’s a multitude of fun Bondian things to do in the game (not to mention in the demo)…

    X-Box Demo:

    • Demo level: A Long way down
      Mr. Bond has to rappel from a building while being chased by bad guys with guns, as the building explodes. Just so he can hit ground and proceed to shoot more pesky foes.
    • Demo level: The Pontchatran Bridge
      My favorite of the 3 demo levels. Jaws is off in a tanker truck to blow up a city and Mr. Bond has to hunt him down on a Triumph Daytona 600 Motorcycle the while henchmen on motorcycles pursue and fire at him. But they won’t last long because Q has equipped Bond’s motorcycle with a missile firing system and flamethrower.

    On this level M delivers some clever lines.

    • When blowing up a motorist: “Careful James, your target is Jaws not innocent motorist.”
    • When blowing up a motorist who seems like he’s out to get you: “Careful James, your target it Jaws not reckless drivers.”
    • When you fail the mission: “You failed 007; Jaws will sink the city along with your reputation. Return to MI6 at once.” [wav file: here]
    • Demo level: Bazaar (multiplayer co-op)
      Third person multi-player? I hope there’s a way to change this to first person on the actual game.

    Control seems pretty tight: the vehicle felt good, and targeting is made pretty easy by holding down the left trigger. As good as Nightfire was, Everything or Nothing is cranking everything up.

    With no new Bond film in sight for a while, this should help fill the void until Brosnan brings Bond back to the big screen again.