1. MGM Begins Moratorium on DVDs

    By The CBn Team on 2004-01-22

    As of January 19, 2004, all Region 1 (USA) James Bond films previous to Die Another Day, will once more have a moratorium over them. The film sets will no longer be produced for purchase. However, there is a small window of opportunity for fans to complete their collection.

    In previous years, stores had to return their unsold merchandise as of the moratorium start date. However, the rules for this year’s moratorium are different. The stores are being allowed to keep and sell the stock that they have.

    With careful searching, Bond fans should be able to find the sets on the shelves for the next few months. Keep in mind though, once the stores sell out, there are no more sets to be had.

    Thanks to the Killkenny Kid for tipping us off to this news story.
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