1. Classic James Bond Comics To Be Released in February

    By Tim Roth on 2004-01-20

    As an addition to CBn’s recently released article Classic James Bond comic strips to be released in 2004, publisher Titan Books has sent us a press release which reads:

    Bond is back! After 10 years out of print, Titan Books is proud to present the return of the world’s greatest secret agent, in a classic adventure!

    James Bond is dead! Or so his employers at MI5 believe… until he attempts to assassinate his boss, M — because he’s been brainwashed by the KGB! With his conditioning removed, M sends Bond on a deadly mission: to track down the sadistic killer Francisco Scaramanga — ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’!

    This collection also includes The Living Daylights, which finds a melancholy Bond facing another sharpshooter — a KGB sniper. Set across the jagged scar of the Berlin Wall, Bond’s finger is on the trigger… and into his sights walks a beautiful blonde musician!

    The first collection in an all-new Titan series of deluxe James Bond collectors’ paperback library editions. This collection also includes an introduction by Ian Fleming’s niece, Lucy Fleming.

    James Bond is one of the most successful characters in movie history, with 20 smash-hit movies to date. Die Another Day, the most recent James Bond film, took over £30 million in its opening weekend — the best ever for a Bond movie!

    The James Bond newspaper strips will appeal to fans of 007 and comics historians alike.

    TITAN BOOKS – PAPERBACK – 27 FEBRUARY 2004 – £10.99