1. Official EoN site launches 'Spy Radio'

    By The CBn Team on 2004-01-18

    The official website for Everything or Nothing has launched a new feature entitled ‘Spy Radio’, which is essentially a custom media player in which fans can listen to music from the new game, due out next month, including Mya Harrison’s eponymous title song, Everything or Nothing. As well as singing the theme tune, Mya will also appear as Agent Mya Starling in the game, following the trend set by Madonna in Die Another Day.

    The current track listing is as follows:

    1. Everything or Nothing
    2. James Bond Theme
    3. An Old Friend in Egypt
    4. Barfight in New Orleans
    5. Rappelling a Cliff in Peru
    6. Moscow’s Red Square

    Thanks to forum member JFM007 for the tip-off!