1. EoN plot synopsis revealed!

    By The CBn Team on 2004-01-14

    The official website for Everything or Nothing have released a plot synopsis for EA’s new Bond adventure due out next month.

    “The biggest development in technology is small-very small-and it’s missing. At Oxford’s Department of Microtechnology, prototype nanorobots have been stolen, and project scientist Dr. Katya Nadanova (Heidi Klum) has disappeared. The nanobots are equipped with an organic compound that can eat away metal, providing the key ingredient in Nikolai Diavolo (Willem Dafoe)’s plan to seize control of his native Russia and return it to its former glory as a bastion of hard-line anti-Westernism.

    Diavolo is more than merely a former KGB officer disillusioned by the Westernization of his homeland. The prodigy of 007’s nemesis Max Zorin, Diavolo was groomed to carry Zorin’s plans to their natural conclusion, namely world domination.

    Another agent, 003 had been sent to investigate a mysterious mining operation and is now missing. His last known contact was American geologist Serena St. Germaine (Shannon Elizabeth), and Bond is sent to locate her in Peru. While there he discovers that 003 had contacted her in regards to her research on the anomalous platinum levels in the surrounding mountains. Investigating with St. Germaine, Bond is astonished to see Agent 003 undergoing a brutal interrogation at the hands of a mysterious stranger (Diavolo). Bond listens as 003 whispers his last dying words: “You must get to New Orleans … stop Diavolo …”

    Bond arrives in New Orleans while the city is preparing for Mardi Gras. He has plans to meet with Mya Starling, an undercover NSA agent who is assigned to keep an eye on a Russian Colonel. Mya is performing her title song “Everything or Nothing”, but is discovered by Arkady Yayakov, the club’s owner, before Bond arrives. Yayakov and his right-hand man Jean LaRouge, have lethal plans for her. Bond must race through the club and nearby cemetery to a crematorium to save her.

    The following morning he receives orders to head to a plantation in the Bayou, where he learns that Katya has modified the nanobot technology for Diavolo’s sinister plans. Bond destroys the facility, and sees Jaws escaping toward New Orleans with a tanker full of the improved nanobot technology. He must stop Jaws before he reaches his “test city” and unleashes the nanobots on the steel-supported city of New Orleans. If Jaws succeeds, the nanobots will dissolve the metal and the city will plummet into the Mississippi River, and millions will be killed.

    At the Q-lab, Bond learns that platinum is the only metal that the nanobots won’t destroy. He surmises that this bizarre chain of events must tie directly to Serena’s research in Peru.

    Will the world be made safe for democracy once again? That’s up to you. You are Bond – James Bond.”