1. Mya Discusses Involvement with EoN

    By daniel on 2003-12-07

    IGN Music has interviewed singer Mya on her involvement with the forthcoming James Bond gaming title, Everything or Nothing.

    In the article, Mya discusses what her involvement in the project meant in terms of work, “I sort of found out everything that would be happening within the video game when I got to the recording studio. I got to scream from the bottom of my lungs and I got to kick and fight and all kinds of things that I didn’t know I’d be doing when I walked into the session. So it was really interesting and a different project for me in that aspect.” Also discussed is Mya’s writing and singing of a unique song to serves as the theme tune for the game.

    The article also features three pictures from the game, showing James Bond and NSA Agent Mya Sterling ‘on screen’.

    For all you music fans, if you look along the right hand side of the page, you also can click on a link enabling you to hear a short snippet of the ‘techno version’ of her song Everything Or Nothing.