1. CBn's 5th Anniversary: Introducing S-Branch

    By Devin Zydel on 2005-08-04’s S-Branch is now back online.

    Devin Zydel

    The most popular James Bond site on the web just got better. opens up its S-Branch Section. Adding to the already extensive and in-depth articles that have been featured on the James Bond 007 films over the years on CBn, S-Branch gives in-depth coverage on the characters in the James Bond 007 films from Dr. No to Die Another Day.

    The main section that we’re opening today is the James Bond Films section, which covers the Villains, Bond Girls, Allies, Gadgets, Trivia, Box-Office, Film Facts, Foreign Translations, Release History and more. Each film has a page dedicated to it including a full synopsis, release information, poster taglines, as well as primary cast and crew links, with in-depth coverage on the cast members included as well.

    Links to the IMDb biographies are also included on each page for each character. Continuing on in the films sections are links to the gadgets used in each specific film, with information given on each gadget as well. Trivia related to each 007 film is also included. Foreign film title translations have been added in for the films, which lists the name of the film and its English translation, not to mention the film?s release dates around the world. A links section at the bottom includes pages to buy the specific film as well as featured CBn articles related to it.

    Well-known characters such as Pussy Galore, Hugo Drax, and Felix Leiter are included, but also some lesser-known characters such as Ladislav Kutze, Nicole, and Linda also.

    Not only do we have extensive content on the films, but we also have some detailed information about the DVD releases of the films. The DVD section in S-Branch compiles together the summaries for the 007 films from Dr. No to Die Another Day, as well as audio and general film information, the scene chapters, special features, and links to buy the film from both and

    Stay tuned to for many more sections to be opened in CBn’s S-Branch in the future, providing the James Bond fan community with extensive, in-depth, and complete coverage on all things Bond, James Bond. Where all other Bond sites end… this one begins!

    Not sure where to start? Check out the Index page.