1. Plot to kidnap Pierce Brosnan foiled

    By David Winter on 2001-03-21

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    Cocaine barons in central America plotted to kidnap Pierce Brosnan while he was making his new film.

    But their plan to hold him to ransom for £2 million was foiled by film bosses.

    They were tipped off and hired secret agents.

    Brosnan was filming The Tailor of Panama when the plot came to light.

    He was guarded by ex-spies from the Israeli secret service Mossad.

    According to the Daily Star, the set of the film was surrounded by security guards while Brosnan and his co-stars Geoffrey Rush and Jamie Lee Curtis were around.

    The film’s director John Boorman admitted: “The actors felt so oppressed.

    “They couldn’t move without armed guards surrounding them, so we gradually toned it down.”

    Brosnan is the latest celebrity to have a plot against him foiled. Russell Crowe has had FBI guards after a plot to kidnap him was uncovered.

    Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffiths have also called in bodyguards after it was revealed Banderas had been been put on the hitlist of Basque terrorists. He had paid tribute to a councillor they murdered.