1. Brosnan May Do Basic Instinct II – UPDATED

    By David Winter on 2001-03-19

    The update is included at the bottom of this article

    It seems that Brosnan may just have to step aside from “The Sound Of Thunder” because of his commitment to Bond 20. If so this leaves him with a free schedule once the Bond 20 clapper board comes down for the final time!

    According to reports Brosnan has already been inundated with offers, including a leading role in Basic Instinct II. So who would he play?

    According to the IMDB the plot of the film is:

    Years after her involvement with San Francisco cop Nick Curran, Catherine Tramell has moved to New York and resumed her writing career. After the death of her fiancee, Catherine is charged with his murder and Psychiatrist Andrew Glass is assigned to evaluate her, sparking off a volatile relationship between the two that will lead to revelations about both of their pasts.

    Seemingly Brosnan would take a larger role, that being Andrew Glass.

    For those of you wondering, Michael Douglas has already stated he will not be in the sequel.

    Things could get just about as steamy as The Thomas Crown Affair!


    I (Daniel ‘Blue Eyes’ Dykes) just found this little report on Reuters. Brosnan has already been asked to do Basic Instinct II and turned it down. However, that was when director David Cronenburg was at the helm. However, John McTiernan will now direct the film, he previously worked with Brosnan on “The Thomas Crown Affair” and apparently they both like eachother immensly. Of course that added to the fact that MGM is releasing Instinct II and did release the Crown Affiar. I think we may just see a confirmation of Brosnan yet!