1. Jinx Spin-Off Still In Production?

    By daniel on 2003-11-15

    The James Bond spin-off film is still in production, according to USA Today.

    In an article on actress Halle Berry, dated November 12, the USA Today has reported that “the [James] Bond spinoff based on her Jinx character is still in development, despite reports that MGM has pulled the plug”. The reliability of such a statement is strengthened by the sources interviewing of Halle Berry, possibly indicating that she herself was the source of the news.

    The spin-off film, based upon Halle Berry’s Die Another Day character Jinx, went in to production almost a year ago coinciding with the release of the 20th Bond film in 2002. However, in late October news from media source Variety revealed that MGM had pulled the plug on the project, despite the wishes of Eon Productions.

    Berry is currently filming another spin-off film, this time a Catwoman spin-off from the Batman film series.

    Source: USA Today