1. Cleese Touts Davenport

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2003-11-07

    Quartermaster John Cleese has cast his vote for who should replace Pierce Brosnan as the world’s favourite super spy – British actor Jack Davenport.

    Cleese is good friends with Davenport’s father and is convinced that he, and not current heir apparent Clive Owen, should take on the coveted part. Davenport is a relative unknown, but may be familiar to audiences through TV series This Life and Coupling.

    Cleese was reported by UK station Channel 4 to have said, ” I wouldn’t mind seeing Jack Davenport playing Bond. He’s a kid I worked with in the past and the son of a good friend of mine. Good little actor. He co-starred in Pirates Of The Carribean last summer. He’s got my vote.”

    Many thanks to forum users Crashdrive and Athena007 for the information.