1. Pierce Brosnan Comments On Clive Owen Rumours

    By Tim Roth on 2003-10-22

    In the past weeks, rumours occured about "Croupier" actor Clive Owen to play James Bond after Pierce Brosnan retires. According to Channel 4 and ComingSoon.Net, Brosnan himself is quoted to have said that Clive Owen "could do it standing on his head if he wants to, but he’s just gonna have to wait!"

    As CBn reported, Clive Owen denied all rumours last week in an interview with Chicago-based newspaper "Sun Times": "It’s just continued speculation…Me becoming the next Bond has become so common that when I read the rumors I even shake my head."

    Pierce Brosnan indirectly confirmed other rumours circulation around in the internet: he’s going to play James Bond two or more times, next time in Bond 21, presumably targeting a November 2005 release.