1. Zao and Jinx Coming From Sideshow!

    By Tim Roth on 2003-09-13

    Sideshow Collectibles announced today that they will be doing Zao and Jinx action figures in March or April 2004, which will be available for pre-order next month.

    The Zao figure will be equipped with
    Stetchkin pistol
    Icarus glove
    12" figure stand with "Die Another Day" logo.

    The Jinx figure will be equipped with:
    Belt with throwing knife sheaths
    Throwing Knives
    Beretta pistol
    12" figure stand with "Die Another Day" logo

    Be sure to check out the website of Sideshow, and be also sure to enter the exclusive CBn competiton for Connery/Bond and Wisemann/Dr. No action figures running out in 2 days!