1. Sean Callery Interviewed

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2003-09-10

    Music4Games has interviewed Sean Callery, composer of 24, the hit Fox TV show, but more importantly to Bond fans, he is also the composer of the forthcoming James Bond game Everything Or Nothing.

    In the interview, Callery reveals that EA gave him a 65 piece orchestra to work with, and they mixed the soundtrack in full 5.1 surround sound, guaranteeing that the player will be immersed fully in Bond’s world.

    There are between 60-70 minutes of music that have been recorded for the game, and Callery doesn’t rule out the possibility of a soundtrack to the game, something not seen since Tommy Tallarico’s effort on below-par Bond game Tomorrow Never Dies.

    The soundtrack is also interactive, and will change according to how the player proceeds through the game, becoming more frantic should Bond stumble into a large-scale gunfight.

    It all sounds like exciting stuff, but for the full interview, please make your way towards Music4Games.Net.