1. Austin Powers 3 To Star Connery & Blackman

    By David Winter on 2001-02-06

    Austin Powers, the Mike Myers series series that manages to spoof everything from James Bond to Star Wars, is to become a trilogy with plans announced to create Austin Powers III.

    The third Austin Powers film was confirmed in May of 1999 when New Line worldwide theatrical marketing co-chairman Rolf Mittweg revealed “There is definitely going to be a sequel, but (not until) Mike can put his mind to writing it. It will take a little while, I think. It is like James Bond. There’s a different love interest in every movie and they’re different stories (that) take place in different parts of the world.” For those of you who don’t know New Line release the films.

    More recently director Jay Roach, who is attached to Austin Powers 3, revealed that We have a concept based on a prequel, where Dr. Evil and Austin are together in the 1950’s as young men in some academy…Of course something goes wrong. Dr. Evil goes off to some zone and Austin launches the British revolution in American music and colour, just to annoy Dr. Evil.”

    If the film is a prequel it leaves open several characters, include Austins father. On this Roach says, “We’ve always wanted Sean Connery to do something. We’ve tried to talking to his people, but they were very polite – schedules and stuff – but he may just not want to go there.”

    The last December 26 (that’s Boxing Day guys!!!) NY Daily Columnists Ruch and Molloy revealed that Mike Myers and director Jay Roach have been actively courting Connery to jump on board the next film in the role of Austin Powers father. That wasn’t that exciting news was it?

    Well is Connery on board? There has been no official word so no one yet knows all too much. However, most recent word has it that the film will not only star Sean Connery but former Bond girl Honor Blackman as well.

    Honor Blackman, once a star of the TV Series “The Avengers” who would later purr those immortal words “My name is Pussy Galore…”, will reportedly portray Austin’s mother along side Connery.

    That’s all the news on Austin Powers III and two former Bond stars. We’ll let you know more as it becomes available.