1. Hugh Jackman: Licence To Kill

    By The CBn Team on 2003-07-21

    Hugh Jackman has been voted by the members of CommanderBond.Net as their favourite to be the next James Bond. The Australian actor of British decent won with more than twice as many votes as his nearest competition Clive Owen (“Gosford Park”). Curious enough, the option ‘None of the Above’ received more votes than Owen, who hence came in third place.

    After recent comments from Pierce Brosnan which indicate that ‘Bond 21’ may turn out to be his last Bond film, fans have been throwing names around furiously who would be up for the task. 35 percent thought Jackman would make the perfect replacement after Brosnan steps down.

    20% didn’t see any potential in the current favorites and voted the ‘None of the Above’ option. Brit Clive Owen took 15% of the votes for the third position. Coming in fourth place, Hollywood bad boy Colin Farrell (“Phonebooth”) with 9% of the votes and Welshman Christian Bale (“American Psycho”) received 7% off the votes coming in fifth. Jude Law (“The Talented Mr. Ripley”), who received the most votes after a similar survey from ‘Radio Times’, only took 2% of the votes whereas the winner of Amazon’s Next Bond poll, Ralph Fiennes (“The English Patient”), was absent from CBn’s list.

    Hugh Jackman, most famous perhaps for his role in X-Men as Wolverine, has confirmed recently he would be more than happy to play James Bond once Pierce Brosnan retires from the series. When asked about rumours he’d be the next Bond Jackman said, “What guy wouldn’t want to be James Bond”. It looks like the fans have picked an actor who is more than willing to don the tux.

    Niels Bourgonje posts in the CBn Forums as ‘crashdrive’.