1. Brosnan's Tailor Of Panama Rated & Trailer Released

    By David Winter on 2001-02-01

    This news comes to use from Daniel Dykes Tailor Of Panama @ Blue Haze Movies news page.

    After a plagued shooting schedule that ran overtime continuosly Sony have finally released more information on The Tailor Of Panama & they’ve even released a trailer.

    Full Trailer 1 – Lo Res (7.1Mb, Mov)

    Full Trailer 1 – Hi Res (13.7Mb, Mov)

    I’m downloading those trailers now! As soon as I’ve seen it I’ll let you know more.

    Also we know how a rating for the US release of ‘Tailor’ “Restricted Audiences”! How much does that suck! At least in Australia it will be about MA 15+!

    Don’t forget to see Daniel’s excellent Tailor Of Panama @ Blue Haze Movies web site. If you see the trailer please send in your comments!