1. Everything or Nothing: Exclusive Interview

    By David Winter on 2003-07-01

    Recently I had the oppurtunity to talk directly to Scot Bayless, Executive Producer at EA for Everything or Nothing and was able to ask him some questions on the upcoming game.

    Dave: Is “Everything or Nothing” coming to the PC?

    Scot: No, we don’t have plans to bring Everything or Nothing to the PC this year. Everything or Nothing is designed as a console experience and the PC is such a completely different platform that we felt it simply wouldn’t be fair to our fans to bring this game to the PC. We do, however, have some pretty ambitious plans for the future. I’ll just have to ask you to be patient and stay tuned.

    Dave: Has Bruce Feirstein completed the story for the game?

    Scot: The story has actually been done for some time now. Bruce is working with our level design team now to scrub up the last of the in-game dialog. My original thought in approaching Bruce was to ask him to focus on the cinematics. After all, that’s his expertise. When we got him on board, he was captivated. He asked to be involved in the in-game scripting as well. We’ve been working the poor guy to death, but he’s having a ball.

    Dave: Will the console versions be identical in terms of levels, gameplay, features, etc?

    Scot: We’re delivering the same game on all of the consoles, but each version will have its own unique bits of polish.

    Dave: Will multiplayer feature levels from the original films, as we saw in NightFire?

    Scot: Our multiplayer offering is quite a bit more ambitious this time around. We’re adding a host of game modes, including Co-op, something our fans have been craving for a long time. We’re bringing in a long list of classic characters too. As to levels from the films, I guess I’ll have to tease you and say, “Wait and see.”

    Dave: Fans were disappointed with the skins for multiplayer as they didn’t really resemble to characters from the films. Will we see more realistic looking skins?

    Scot: Definitely. We have some of the best modelers and animators in the world on this team. I think you’ll be amazed at what they’re accomplishing.

    Dave: Do you plan on creating any games for the previous films now that your license has been extended to 2010? The fans that have been talking about this loved the idea of having a series of games based on the films, Dr. No through to License To Kill and of course Die Another Day.

    Scot: Can’t give you a straight answer on this one yet, but I can tell you that the same notion has occurred to us.

    A big thankyou to Scot, once again for taking the time to answer my questions.