1. Leyland RT-4755

    By jason on 2001-08-02

    A bus designed for transporting commuters to and from the countryside areas surrounding London, the RT-series was developed by Leyland corporation, on behalf of the London Transport Executive.

    • Manufacturer: Leyland
    • Model: RT-4755
    • Top Speed: n/a
    • Acceleration: n/a
    • Engine Capacity: n/a

    The increasingly rare Green RT’s were soon replaced around 1974, falling into the hands of collectors and private-firms alike. Today, regarded as one of the best examples of classic busses by enthusiasts, the green RT-4755 was used in the production of Roger Moore’s first outing as James Bond in Live And Let Die.

    Along with the tank-chase of GoldenEye, this action-sequence developed for the eighth James Bond adventure is regarded by many as one of the most unique-sequences of the James Bond series.

    In an attempt to escape from Kanangas’ men, Bond and Solitaire steal this green RT. Determined not to be outclassed, Kanangas’ men give chase in Harley Davidson motorcycles, with two Police cars later joining the pursuit.

    Roger Moore, who performed a lot of his own stuntwork was given a training period with London bus instructor, Maurice Patchett, before being left to his own devices for the filming of the chase-sequence.

    In addition to this, a team of special-effects technicians headed up by Production Designer, Syd Cain, applied the top-deck of the bus on rollers. This novel approach allowed for a flawless, and more importantly, safe, stunt in which Bond drives the RT-4755 under a bridge, stripping the vehicle of it’s upper deck.