1. Die Another Day, An Introduction

    By daniel on 2003-06-16

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    Die Another Day International Release Dates

    Die Another Day International Titles

    James Bond
    Pierce Brosan

    Gustav Graves
    Toby Stephens

    Halle Berry

    Miranda Frost
    Rosamund Pike

    Rick Yune

    Judi Dench

    John Cleese

    Damian Falco
    Michael Madsen

    Colonel Moon
    Will Yun Lee

    General Moon
    Kenneth Tsang

    Emilio Echevarría

    Vladimir Popov
    Michael Gorevoy

    Mr Kil
    Lawrence Makoare

    Colin Salmon
    Charles Robinson

    Miss Moneypenny
    Samantha Bond

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    Lee Tamahori

    Barbara Broccoli
    Michael G Wilson

    Executive Producer
    Anthony Waye

    Neal Purvis
    Robert Wade

    Production Designer
    Peter Lamont

    Christian Wagner
    Andrew MacRitchie

    Director of Photography
    David Tattersall

    David Arnold

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    Release Dates:
    UK – Nov 20 2002
    US – Nov 22 2002

    Running Time:
    132 minutes


    Total Gross:

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    Another Day

    Another Day

    Poster Page at The Art Of James Bond

    Betrayed. Abandoned. James Bond spends over a year in a North Korean prison only
    to have his freedom traded for that of ruthless terrorist. Released into a
    changed world, Bond heads out to hunt down those who betrayed him and to re-earn
    his licence to kill. 

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    The largest listing of the news for Die Another Day, as CBn reported it. From January 1999 to present day, there are in excess of 700 news articles.

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    James Bond, with South Korean operatives, is sent to intercept an illegal arms deal set to take place between an African diamonds smuggler and North Korean officer Colonel Moon. It is feared that Colonel Moon is stockpiling advanced weaponry for the possible invasion of South Korean and subsequently Japan, to form a new super-power with China.

    James Bond succeeds in his mission, killing Colonel Moon. However, victory comes at a high price with James Bond imprisoned in North Korea and the British Government disavowing all knowledge of his existance.

    On the other side of the world, with James Bond still a prisoner in North Korean an Argentinian orphan becomes a billionaire and his fame rises rapidly. His name is Gustav Graves, and while running a diamond mine from his famous Ice Palace in Iceland, he also has a keen interest in the environment and space technology. The latter leads him to create Icarus, a second sun with the power to illuminate the far reachers of the globe.

    But all is not as it seems, and the world is in danger yet again in a power struggle for world domination and there’s only one man for the job.