1. Bond Actors Amongst The Best Great Britain Has To Offer

    By David Winter on 2001-01-29

    This report comes from that internet news babe Ananova.

    Results gathered from The Orange Film Survey, which consisted of more than 10,000 voters, has returned results which show Bond actors from Britain to be the top of their class.

    Paraphrasing the results to just Bond actors and actresses:

    Top British actors:

    1 Sir Sean Connery;

    2 Sir Anthony Hopkins;

    3 Sir Alec Guinness;

    4 Hugh Grant;

    5 Sir Michael Caine;

    6 Pierce Brosnan;

    7 Robert Carlyle;

    8 Ewan McGregor;

    9 Sir John Mills;

    10 Lord Olivier.

    Top British actresses:

    1 Julie Walters;

    2 Dame Judi Dench;

    3 Catherine Zeta Jones;

    4 Elizabeth Hurley;

    5 Emma Thompson;

    6 Liz Taylor;

    7 Barbara Windsor;

    8 Helen Mirren;

    9 Dame Margaret Rutherford;

    10 Dame Maggie Smith.

    Well thats great news for James Bond fans and the actors of the Bond series. See! Bond has the best there is to offer!

    Also I just thought it was interesting that a few names such as Hugh Grant and Catherine Zeta Jones have all been mentioned in the Bond world. Grant was up for the role of Bond during casting for GoldenEye and Zeta Jones is the latest Bond Girl rumour in the world of Bond 20.