1. Ford Mustang Mach-1

    By jason on 2001-08-02

    The new 1970’s version of the Mustang, the Mach-1, received a number of exterior upgrades from it’s manufacturer, Ford. This included new front end styling and grille, and a welcome return to single headlights not seen on the recent models. On each side of the car was a ribbed aluminium rocker panel with Mach-1 cut-outs. In addition, the hood was changed from being totally black to having only a single black stripe.

    • Manufacturer: Ford
    • Model: Mustang Mach-1
    • Top Speed: n/a
    • Acceleration: n/a
    • Engine Capacity: 7030cc

    Keen to withheld it’s lasting relationship with the James Bond franchise, Ford supplied the producers with 8 brand-new editions of what was currently one of the word’s most sought after muscle-cars.

    Filming in the spectacular backdrop of Las Vegas’ glitzy casino scene, the James Bond crew filmed the chase sequence of Diamond Are Forever in a total of three location. The main bulk of the chase took place on-location on the streets of Las Vegas, whilst the entrance scene took place in Universal Studios’, and pickup shots filmed at James Bond’s traditional home of Pinewood Studios, back in England.

    Just as in the previous Bond-flick, 007 drove his love-interests cars. Instead of revving up Tracy’s cougar, James drove Tiffany Case’s Mustang through the streets of Las Vegas, performing a series of hair-raising stunts including the highlight of the sequence in which the car was tilted upon its side, and driven on only two wheels.

    Today, the whereabouts of only two of the Mustang Mach-1’s used in the filming are known. Mysteriously the other six 335bhp cars have simply vanished!