1. Toyota 2000 GT

    By jason on 2001-08-02

    Toyota built the 2000 GT from 1965 until 1968. However, the car was never built as a convertible. This sporty vehicle was produced as a hardtop, never actually built in its on-screen form. It was the work of John Stears and his special-effects crew who customised two standard cars for the production of You Only Live Twice.

    • Manufacturer: Toyota
    • Model: 2000 GT
    • Top Speed: 143 mph
    • Acceleration: n/a
    • Engine Capacity: 1998cc

    The 1967 film, is the only Eon produced James Bond picture in which 007 is not shown driving. Instead, Connery hands over the wheel to Akiko Wakabayashi who took on the role of Aki, a top Japanese intelligence-agent. During a daring escape, Bond is picked up by Aki outside Osato’s office who takes him to meet her superior, Tiger Tanaka.

    Kitted out with gadgetry, Aki also utilises an onboard video-conferencing system, this was again installed by John Stears and his expert-team of engineers back at Pinewood Studios. Although increasingly common in today’s’ vehicles, the 2000 GT was to be one of the first cars to have a television system set-up.

    Other marvels included video-cameras placed behind both the front and the rear license plates. Ideal for surveillance and an important advantage in any chase.

    Today the two sister-cars are located at opposite ends of the Earth. One is situated within Toyota’s museum in Japan, whilst the other is homed with many other past 007 cars in the private-collection of “The Cars Of The Stars” visitors’ attraction in Keswick, England.