1. DAD's Original 3rd Act Revealed!

    By Tim Roth on 2003-06-04

    As we all know, the final fight between James Bond, Jinx, Miranda Frost and the evil Gustav Graves took place in an Antanov plane over Korea. Whilst the shooting of "Die Another Day" continued, sources were speaking of drastic changes to the script. Originally there was no intention of a fight inside a plane. It was some months ago that Vic Armstrong, who heads-up the 2nd unit confirmed these rumours. However, up until now, nothing was mentioned as to what the original 3rd act sequence may have looked like. CommanderBond.Net now offers you some exclusive information on a missing location, to help unravel the mystery.

    Neil Purvis and Robert Wade mentioned in many interviews that the final fight sequence had been changed within the last minutes of production. Originally it was to take place – in Japan! More precisely within the largest indoor beach in the world. This location was thought to be Colonel Moon’s lair! Much like Graves’ Iceland biodome, there exists an indoor beach held within a structure resembling a retro fitted aircraft hangar. The area is located just a few miles outside Myazaki, Japan. Climate controlled with tropical plants and nearly half a mile of sandy beach and surfing conditions on offer – thanks to a giant wave machine.

    The Wacky inside beach. Image courtesy of Ron Gluckman

    Speculations are that some of the action which should take place in Japan was moved to the Ice Palace – this helps to explain why Jinx is captured and saved twice – within no less than 10 minutes of screen-time.

    With the exception of Lee Tamahori revealing how he believed the original climax to be "boring," there appears to be no reason why the end-sequences were changed so dramatically at such a late stage of production.

    If you have any ideas or theories on this subject feel free to add them to this thread of the CBn forums!

    Many thanks to "”Beamer”" and "Zencat" for the information!