1. Everything or Nothing: Official Site Update

    By David Winter on 2003-05-31

    The official Everything or Nothing web site has updated with new screenshots from the Game Boy Advance version.

    As well as the screenshots, the feature list has been updated:

    Exclusive GBA Content

    • This companion version to James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing on the next-generation consoles features an original parallel storyline with a Hollywood cast.
    • Cross over to new exotic locales for explosive action on foot and behind the wheel as you race to accomplish an entirely new set of missions.
    • When escape seems nearly impossible, choose from a wide array of hi-tech Q-Branch gadgetry, including devices exclusively for the Game Boy Advance version of the game.

    Exclusive GBA Multiplayer Features

    • All-out, arena-style combat with up to four players — use the Game Boy Advance Game Link cable to hook up with friends on other Game Boy Advance systems.
    • Multiple game modes and new maps featuring both co-operative and competitive play.

    Special GBA Link Features

    Link up with James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing on Nintendo GameCube to access exclusive features, including mini-games, gadget upgrades, and maps previously unavailable on the Game Boy Advance version.

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