1. Wal-Mart Give Away Bond Cars

    By daniel on 2003-05-23

    To promote the forthcoming release of Die Another Day on DVD the Radio Grille snack bars at Wal-Mart stores are giving away seven James Bond Johnny Lightning cars.

    To get a complimentry Johnny Lightning car you need by buy a ‘pretzel and icee’ for $2.00 at one of the Radio Grille snack bars. The cars are, however, all in the same package so it may require more than seven visits to complete the set.

    The set includes the Dr No Sunbeam, the Toyota from You Only Live Twice, the Hornet from The Man With The Golden Gun, the Lotus Esprit from For Your Eyes Only, the Hispano-Suiza from Moonraker, Die Another Days Vanquish and the Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me; the latter is said to be the hardest to find in the collection.