1. Hands On: Everything or Nothing

    By David Winter on 2003-05-16

    The guys over at Gaming Horizon managed to get some time alone with Everything or Nothing at the E3 conference in LA.

    Earlier today, we had a chance to grab some playtime with the new 007 title from Electronic Arts for the Playstation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. We were able to play the Playstation 2 and Xbox versions, but to tell you the truth the PS2 version was the best.

    Pierce Brosnan will once again be lending his voice for the character in the game. By listening to some of the voices, it seemed pretty well-done. Although, it was very faint trying to listen to him. The graphics on the other hand were very impressive. Unlike, previous Bond titles, EA has totally revamped the 007 franchise and it seems as if they are spending more time with it rather then pushing out title after title.

    We didn’t have enough time to play with all the weapons, but the game contains over 20 weapons and gadgets including the ability to rappel up or down any wall. When starting out in this demo, you fight some enemies then you rappel down the side of the building. I thought it was very interesting to actually let the “player” go down the wall, rather then watching a cut scene do it for you.

    You can read the entire article by following this link.