1. Everything or Nothing: Game Features

    By David Winter on 2003-05-11

    More details have started to surface on what actual features will be available in the game.

    It appears that there won’t be any direct route for completing missions – there’ll be multiple routes available to you, each with their pros, cons and methods. This will be a change from the previous games which have always seemed to use a linear style of gameplay throughout the levels.

    Bond will be able to disguise himself with enemy uniforms in order to infiltrate enemy installations – however I guess this’ll probably be limited to when and where you can use a disguise, although it would be good if you could sneak around, picking off the unsuspecting enemy when you choose.

    There’ll be many other options, inlcuding misdirection to aid in completing missions, rather than running through a mission shooting everything that moves. I think everyone’s getting rather bored with these types of games, and that’s the simple reason why game developed are moving away from run and shoot games.

    “Over the top” hand-to-hand combat. This’ll be the first Bond game to concentrate on hand-to-hand combat, and the third person perspective gives the ideal oppurtunity to harness this. You’ll also be able to pick up bottles, wooden boards, chairs and other enviromental objects laying around you and then use them in combat. This does all sounds very similar to the recent Indiana Jones game, which featured this sort of combat which leads me to believe, Everything or Nothing will be using the same game engine.

    Bond will find himself around the globe once again; the French Quarter of New Orleans, a mountain fortress in Peru, a secret facility in Egypt, and Red Square in Moscow.

    Bond won’t be on foot all the time, he’ll be able to hop into the odd car, motorcycle and helicopters and tanks! These won’t be seperate missions either; when you see a vehicle, you’ll be able to take control and carry on. This is a move from NightFire which saw you in a new level whenever you was driving the Aston Martin. Everything or Nothing will allow you to seamlessly transition yourself from being on foot to a vehicle.

    Bond will have an arsenal of 20 weapons and gadgets – which will probably include the Walther P99, Laser Watch and all the usual kit. Bond will also be able to climb up or rappel down any wall in the game.

    Multiplayer is also moving on from the standard deathmatch modes (which EoN will include). In addition, you’ll be able to go on co-op missions; this could mean two things – a standard team based deathmatch mode, where you go against another team of players or it could be a genuine co-op mission where you can play out missions from the single player game and complete them together with your friends (fellow MI6 agents).

    There’s some great features there, and we’ll be following the game throughout development and bring you all the latest news on how it’s shaping up – will it be a Tomorrow Never Dies style game (horror!) or will it be the game we’ve been waiting for since GoldenEye?