1. Proof: Wai Lin Was Set To Be In DAD!

    By Tim Roth on 2003-05-08

    Even before "Die Another Day" started filming in January 2002 and key roles were casted, there were rumours that Michelle Yeoh aka Wai Lin from "Tomorrow Never Dies" was to return. Earlier this year storyboards were sold on ebay, showing an elevator fight, in which Bond and Wai Lin were involved. Other Bond fan pages misinterpreted the storyboard as showing Bond and Jinx in Havanna. The German James Bond Club (BKD) made out that on the R2 DVD’s, which have just been released throughout Europe, the proof of Wai Lin being in an early script can be found.

    In the R2 exclusive documentary "From Script To Screen", which will not be included in the R1 versions of the DVD, you can see pages from the script, while authors Neil Purvis and Robert Wade are explaining how to write a Bond movie. Those pages contain the names of Bond and Wai Lin, and the screenshots can be found on the website of the BKD.

    The original version of Bond’s Hong Kong visit:

    After his escape from the Royal Navy ship, Bond arrives in Hong Kong and checks in into Rubyeon Hotel. "Peaceful" arrives and Bond destroys the mirror. Surprise, surprise – Wai Lin, who has been promoted since their last meeting, is hiding behind it. Wai Lin and Bond leave the room and go to the elevator, where some North Korean henchmen are waiting for them. A fight takes place and the agents win. A man and a woman are waiting for the elevator and when it opens, it is completely destroyed. Bond leaves it by adjusting his tie.
    They arrive at the secret HQ of the Chinese Intelligence Service. A message is waiting for Wai Lin. On a paper Bond’s head is printed. They are looking for him! Wai Lin now explains that she has been promoted and that she is the leader of the Hong Kong Station. They get Bond a passport for Cuba, because Zao is supposed to be there. Wai Lin gives Bond 12 hours to leave, until they will officially receive the MI6 message.

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