1. Live at 007 Bond Street in the UK?

    By Brett McAleer on 2003-05-01

    MGM have come up with a unique advertising gimmick by sending a letter to people that live at 007 Bond Street in the UK congratulating them on being the recipient of a copy of the Die Another Day DVD due for release in the UK on May 2nd.

    The letter, which has been displayed on the DVDAnswers website states: “MGM Home Entertainment will be sending everyone in the UK who lives at 007 Bond Street a free copy of Die Another Day…”, which seems to indicate that it does not just include the famous London address, but every Bond Street in the whole of the UK!

    So, where do you live?

    Thanks to DLibrasnow for bringing this news to our attention in this thread of the Die Another Day (2002) forum. Feel free to add your comments to this in the CBn forums.