1. The 007 Days Of Casino Royale

    By Evan Willnow on 2003-04-07

    Some sources say the eleventh of November 1920, some late November of 1924; the day James Bond was born is shrouded in the ever-changing cloud of 007’s world. But the day the character—not the man—was born to this world is solid – 13 April, 1953. It was exactly fifty years ago this Sunday that Ian Fleming’s creation was introduced to us in the novel Casino Royale.

    Starting today, will spend the week looking at Mr. Fleming’s first masterpiece of fiction. We will examine the book from many angles and hopefully give the fans of Number 007 new ways to appreciate the story that started it all.

    And you can join in the discussion; the Blades Library Book Club is currently reading and discussing Casino Royale. A discussion you can join if you sign up. Even if you don’t, we hope you will enjoy’s week celebrating 50 years of the first adventure of world’s greatest spy.