1. British Forces Use 007 Code Names

    By daniel on 2003-04-01

    The British forces fighting in Iraq are proving that the world of James Bond has a definite influence on our own world by using on the suited heroes missions as the basis for their own.

    A recent mission was referred to as “Operation James” by the British forces, and the military targets were aptly code-named “Goldfinger,” “Blofeld” and “Connery.”

    “`Operation James’ is an objective named after something the soldiers will remember easily,” said Paul Beaver, an independent military expert in London. “James Bond is a No. 1 Brit, and he’s a hero.”

    The Bond-related names are far different from the United States mission titles, which include “Operation Provide Comfort” and “Operation Free Iraq”. While the US Military is aiming for bolstering support with their publicly known titles, the British Military are aiming to help British soldiers remember the code words and boosting military morale with a little humor.