1. Region 2 DVD Menus Revealed

    By daniel on 2003-03-30

    DVD Answers have got their hands on a copy of the Region 2 DVD release of Die Another Day and released seven screenshots of the DVD’s menu.

    Special Features Menu
    Courtesy DVD Answers

    The menus are based upon the menus of other James Bond DVD releases, right down to the ‘Activate’ opening menu. The graphic basis for the menus appears to be themes from Die Another Day, including Daniel Kleinmann’s title sequence and the Icarus satellite.

    Die Another Day can be purchased on DVD from Amazon UK for £16.99 and Amazon US for $19.49. To view all the screenshots from the menus visit DVD Answers.

    To discuss the Region 2 Menus visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. Thanks to john007 for the tip-off