1. Statement From The Family Of Desmond Llewelyn

    By David Winter on 2000-01-01

    Here is a statement from the family of Desmond Llewelyn that I found on

    “The family of Desmond Llewelyn has asked me to convey their sincerest thanks to all of his fans throughout the world for the countless expressions of sympathy and condolence. Desmond’s family has been deeply moved by your appreciation of his life and work and your thoughtfulness has done much to ease their pain during this very trying time.

    “Regarding many inquiries about plans for the forthcoming funeral service, the Llewelyns have requested that the service be primarily limited to Desmond’s family and close friends. The family is aware that many fans have expressed a desire to attend. However, the brief ceremony will be held in a very small church and there is concern that a large crowd might make it difficult to insure that those closest to Desmond are able to find seating in the chapel.

    “None of Desmond’s co-stars from the Bond films are scheduled to attend the funeral, as they will be invited to a formal memorial service which will be held in the coming months. Again, the family wishes to express its thanks to all of you who have done so much to make Desmond’s life and career such a rewarding one.”