1. Brosnan Set To Star In 'Sunset' Thriller

    By daniel on 2003-03-26

    This year is panning out to be a busy one for actor Pierce Brosnan. His next project is Laws of Attraction, in which he will start with actress Julianne Moore. That will begin filming in June. After that Brosnan will film the recently announced After The Sunset.

    New Line Cinema has just announced the films premise;

    Brosnan plays a retired thief who, after successfully completing his last heist, sails off into the sunset and towards what he thinks is a life of luxury. Instead, the thief’s old nemesis, a FBI agent, tracks him down to on the island he’s at and begins covertly shadowing his movements.

    Note date for After The Sunset has been announced but Brosnan is expected to start on the project after completing Laws of Attraction around August, and before the start of filming for Bond 21 in January 2004.