1. Book Club Members: Let's Start Reading

    By Evan Willnow on 2003-03-24

    Blade Library Book Club members—if you haven’t already done so—it’s time to start reading Casino Royale. And as you read through the book post your thoughts in the Blades Library forums. Please add “Casino Royale” and the number of the chapter(s) you are discussing in your title.

    Not a member yet?

    Have you read about the Blades Book Club and are wondering if it is too late to join?

    Well, look no further for the answers.

    The community has started a reading club centered on the Literary Bond tradition. The Blades Library Book Club (the BLBC) will read books featuring James Bond&madash;about one book every two months—and discuss them during and after reading.

    For more about the nuts and bolts of the Club, check out this story.

    When you are ready to register as a member of BLBC, just sign up for the CBn forums, if you are not signed up already, and then leave a message that you are joining the Book Club in this forum thread.

    And that’s all you have to do to join in the discussion. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your participation in the Bond community.