1. DAD Reaches $414.5m World Wide

    By daniel on 2003-03-19

    Die Another Day‘s world-wide take has reached US$414.5m, just US$5m short from MGM’s expectations for the film.

    The film is enjoying strong earnings from its international releases, particularily Japan and Italy where the film has broken previous records set by the James Bond series. Currently screening in four active markets Die Another Day has reached US$253.7m internationally.

    The international earning, together with the current US Domestic take of US$160.9m, has helped Die Another Day reach US$414.5m. In January MGM’s Chief Executive Officer Alex Yemenidjian revealed that MGM had estimated the film would take US$420 million world wide.

    If you’d like to discuss the earnings please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. Thanks to Mourning Becomes Electra for the tip-off.