1. R2 UK Cover Revealed

    By Tim Roth on 2003-02-27

    In several German DVD catalouges a cover for the RC2 DVD of Die Another
    has appearerd. No word was said in any of these catalouges where the
    covers come from, but since we know the RC1 DVD’s will have this
    cover, the one which appeared in the German catalouges will most likely be the
    RC2 Cover.

    MGM Home Entertainment UK have confirmed that this cover art will be used for the Region 2 UK cover. Other region 2 versions, including Germany, are yet to be finalised. Though it should be noted that this edition of the cover excludes the certificate rating 12 logo indicating it may be used across a wide European audience.

    Thanks to Stefan Liebetanz for the alert, and be sure to discuss the cover
    in this
    of CBn’s Die
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