1. Introducing…Jimmy Blonde – 008.3

    By David Winter on 2003-02-24

    Jimmy Blonde Of The Not-So-Secret Service

    For years, Bond fans around the world have been waiting for spoofs of their favourite hero. So far we’ve had Austin Powers, and soon we’ll have Johnny English. But what will we do in the meantime?

    LOAD Productions Ltd have the answer: Jimmy Blonde 008.3!

    This project was mentioned by me in early 2002 (I believe the post is in
    CMGN’s archives) but was canned due to lack of equipment. Now Blonde is back, and he’s here for you to download.

    LOAD Productions, in association with CBn, will produce spoofs of all the
    Bond films, and more after.

    We’re also currently developing a Klik-And-Play game. A preview of which will be on a Blonde movie soon.

    The Blonde Movies have DVD style menus, allowing LOAD Productions to
    supplement extras to the original film. Cool!

    The third film, Silverleg, will be available by the end of the month (hopefully!).

    I hope you enjoy watching these as much as we’ve enjoyed making them!

    Lee O’Halloran and Allen Davis
    Founders of LOAD Productions Ltd.