1. Remastered YOLT Track Listing

    By daniel on 2003-02-23 has received the track listing for the remastered You Only Live Twice soundtrack.

    The soundtrack, due for release on February 25, features seven previously unreleased tracks. It is available for pre-order from Amazon US.

    1. You Only Live Twice (Title Song) – Nancy Sinatra
    2. Capsule In Space
    3. Fight At Kobe Dock-Helga
    4. Tanaka’s World
    5. A Drop In The Ocean
    6. The Death Of Aki
    7. Mountains And Sunsets
    8. The Wedding
    9. James Bond – Astronaut?
    10. Countdown For Blofeld
    11. Bond Averts World War Three
    12. You Only Live Twice (End Title) – Nancy Sinatra
    13. James Bond In Japan
    14. Aki, Tiger And Osato
    15. Little Nellie
    16. Soviet Capsule
    17. Spectre And Village
    18. James Bond – Ninja
    19. Twice Is The Only Way To Live